Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #18 - New Challenges, New Security!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Behind the Scenes
New Challenges, New Security
[00:06] There are few things in life more frustrating than falling victim
[00:09] to some scallywag taking all your stuff and emptying your bank account.
[00:13] Thank Saradomin then that JAG is here!
[00:16] Before we get stuck into that though, Mod Liono has got a brand new challenge system for you.
[00:21] The challenge system is a brand new piece of content we're putting into RuneScape
[00:24] that is designed to encourage variety in skilling methods
[00:28] and also to teach players that those skilling methods exist and how to do them.
[00:32] There are over seven hundred challenges in the challenge system
[00:34] which cover high level and low level content in every skill in the game.
[00:38] You can expect to see a whole variety of activities in the challenge system
[00:41] from chopping a bunch of trees, mining a bunch of ore, killing a boss in God Wars,
[00:46] massacring a bunch of goblins in a cave.
[00:48] There's a whole bunch in there to cater to all gaming styles.
[00:51] You can complete as many challenges as you want to in one day in order to get the guidance.
[00:56] The special challenges, or the daily challenges, you get one extra a day
[01:00] and you can have up to five active at once.
[01:02] When you get a new one, your fifth one will drop off the bottom of the list,
[01:04] and those are the ones you want to complete
[01:05] because those are the ones that give you big, tasty rewards at the end.
[01:08] The benefit of doing daily challenges compared to skilling as normal
[01:11] is that you will be rewarded for the time as if you had spent it doing the most efficient method,
[01:16] as well as gaining whatever resources and XP you do for doing whatever the challenge asks you to do.
[01:21] So, if you're doing some mining and the challenge is to mine some mithril,
[01:24] we ask you to mine mithril for ten minutes,
[01:25] you'll get ten minutes of XP as if you were drop mining iron, which is the most efficient method.
[01:29] So it will basically double up your XP gain for that time.
[01:32] As well as the XP for the challenges, because some of them ask you to give in the items you earn in,
[01:37] you get given a bag of rewards at the end which will be equivalent of the value that you had to put in.
[01:43] So say you had to hand in ten mithril ore,
[01:46] we'll give you a bag that's worth the same on the G.E. as ten mithril ore,
[01:49] but it will give you crafting materials in another skill up to that value,
[01:53] so you might get a big stack of summoning tertiary ingredients
[01:56] or you might get a big stack of dragon hides in return for your mithril ore.
[01:59] We've got one new colourful NPC who has been introduced.
[02:02] He's the imperial guard quartermaster who handles all your challenge needs
[02:05] and gives out the rewards and things.
[02:06] He's a bit grumpy, he got wounded in war and now he does inventory all day,
[02:09] so that's why he's handing out the challenges instead of out there fighting the trolls, and not too pleased about it.
[02:13] He's situated in Burthorpe, in the combat hub.
[02:17] Alongside the challenge system we're introducing a new interface called the notice board.
[02:20] The notice board is going to be the new one-stop shop
[02:23] for finding out what you should be doing in RuneScape at your levels.
[02:25] So, we're going to have the featured content panel on the notice board
[02:28] which will display the most appropriate skilling, combat, quest for you to do
[02:32] as well as advertising the most recent updates.
[02:35] There'll be the challenge system which contains the challenges and daily challenges that are currently accessible.
[02:40] There's the quest system, which will integrate the quest list and the quest journal all back onto the notice board
[02:45] so that all that information is in one place instead of spread across multiple interfaces.
[02:48] We've also got the achievements tab which will integrate
[02:51] the task system and the old achievement diaries all in one place,
[02:54] and the minigames tab which will let you access minigames quickly,
[02:58] like it will teleport you to the nearest lodestone, and it will swap worlds to the themed world
[03:01] if there is one for that minigame.
[03:02] We're always trying to evolve the challenge system
[03:04] and the best way to make something better is to ask the people who use it,
[03:07] so if you've got an idea then get in touch on the forums in the suggestions forums.
[03:11] Just give us your ideas and we'll see if we can put them in!
[03:14] It's rare that you hear 'exciting' and 'account security' mentioned in the same sentence.
[03:19] But yes, there is indeed some exciting news about your account security
[03:24] with the launch of the Jagex Account Guardian, or JAG. Very clever!
[03:29] We tracked down Mod Duice to find out more.
[03:32] The Jagex Account Guardian is an enhanced level of security,
[03:35] so something in addition to your login name and password.
[03:37] It allows you to lock your account down to certain devices, devices of your choice,
[03:41] just by going through some simple security checks.
[03:43] What it means as well is that you can actually set up temporary access or permanent access
[03:47] so it's a pretty cool feature to have if you're interested in keeping your account safe,
[03:51] which I suggest, everyone should be.
[03:53] Hijacking is illegal.
[03:54] In most places around the world you can be prosecuted for it,
[03:57] and we've got a lot of ongoing cases at the moment to tackle that
[04:00] and we've got a specialist team who actually look after it 24/7
[04:03] to ensure that we're doing all we can to stop organised scams
[04:07] and other individuals from being able to hijack your account.
[04:10] I work for the anti-hijacking and phishing team
[04:13] and we work 24/7 investigating accounts, making sure that they're secure,
[04:16] that they are in the hands of their owners,
[04:17] and we're constantly looking at ways to stay one step ahead of hijackers and the phishers.
[04:22] That's one of the reasons we implemented account guardian.
[04:24] We spend a lot of our time tracking down hijackers, investigating them and finding out who they are
[04:28] so that we can liaise with law enforcement to try and get action taken against them.
[04:32] We've had a few successful arrests in the past and we've got a few ongoing cases now
[04:37] so anyone who's actively involved in hijacking or who's thinking about starting it
[04:42] might want to think about finding another hobby to do.
[04:45] To use JAG is really simple. All you need to do is go to your account settings.
[04:48] There's a JAG tab in there, open that up and you'll see that there is an enable button.
[04:53] Click that and just follow the on-screen instructions.
[04:55] It's all done through your validated email address,
[04:57] asks you to set up some security questions that you'll be asked when adding devices at a later stage.
[05:02] It's really important that you put memorable answers into each of the questions when you're setting it up,
[05:07] because when we ask them at a later stage it'll be in a random order,
[05:10] so you need to be able to recall them.
[05:11] But if for whatever reason you have forgotten them, you don't know what they are,
[05:14] if you go to the FAQ there's some questions and tips in there, but also some contact details
[05:18] to get in touch with the customer support team.
[05:19] If you've got more than one RuneScape account,
[05:21] I actually recommend that you put JAG on all of those accounts.
[05:24] So, it's available for every account, for every player
[05:27] so if you want to protect your account and try and ensure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands, enable JAG.
[05:32] If anyone's interested in finding out more on how to keep their account secure,
[05:35] or what sort of phishing threats are ongoing at the moment,
[05:39] there's loads of information on it on the wiki.
[05:41] So, just head over to the account security section of the RuneScape wiki
[05:44] and you can find all the information you might need.
[05:46] If you've been wondering what's in store for Al Kharid,
[05:49] then you really don't want to miss next week's behind the scenes.
[05:52] We'll bring you news on Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough,
[05:56] two brand new quests coming to RuneScape very soon.