Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #189 - God Wars 2, The Heart of Gielinor

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:15] Deep from beneath Gielinor, a war rages on.
[00:19] Bosses!
[00:20] But never fear because the men of The Watch have taken up arms
[00:23] to confront RuneScape's newest challenge coming in two weeks.
[00:33] God Wars 1 was so popular because it was the quintessential piece of PvM content.
[00:38] As soon as you got into bossing, that was the first place you went.
[00:41] And the rewards and stuff you get have been really popular even to this day.
[00:45] So it's now time for the follow-up to God Wars, God Wars Dungeon 2: The Heart of Gielinor.
[00:49] The new dungeon is set deep under Gielinor in a huge cavern in what we're calling the Heart of Gielinor.
[00:55] The Heart of Gielinor is located in the desert near Nardah.
[00:59] If you've completed the Tales of the God Wars, you should have access to a teleport tablet that will take you straight to the dungeon.
[01:04] We've got four big factions that are all competing over this huge energy source in the center of the Earth.
[01:10] You'll be able to descend where you'll reach a staging area with representatives of each of the factions.
[01:15] You'll be able to talk to them to find out what your standing is with each of the factions
[01:19] and also what rewards you'll get for increasing your reputation with them.
[01:22] You'll also find Feng, the bounty master, who'll offer you one bounty per day which can stack up to five.
[01:27] These are contracts to go and kill things around the dungeon to earn yourself reputation with a chosen faction.
[01:33] In the dungeon, there are four wings.
[01:35] Each wing has its own faction with its own boss associated with it.
[01:39] We've got the Zaros general, Vindicta, the dragon rider, and her dragon Gorvek.
[01:44] We've got the Seren boss, Helwyr, who's from a house of elves that we've not encountered before.
[01:50] We've got the Sliske boss, Gregorovic,
[01:53] who's got a bit of a history with Sliske and he's got quite a shady past.
[01:57] And then we've got the "Two Furys", who are the generals fighting for Zamorak.
[02:02] They are two demon bounty hunters that he hired to take out the dragon riders thousands of years ago.
[02:08] All of the bosses are of roughly the same difficulty but I think Gregorovic is the most challenging
[02:14] and encourages you to bring a slightly different setup to what you might normally.
[02:17] Just like in the original God Wars Dungeon, you'll need 40 killcount to fight the bosses.
[02:22] But this functions a little bit differently in God Wars Dungeon 2,
[02:25] where you can build up momentum and get a multiplier which scores you more killcount.
[02:29] If your reputation is higher as well, you'll also get reduced killcount costs for fighting the bosses.
[02:34] On top of that, in order to fight the bosses there will be level 80 skill requirements.
[02:38] When fighting the bosses you'll also have the option to select a higher difficulty tier called "Challenge Mode".
[02:42] This mode will have additional mechanics and the bosses will have harder stats
[02:46] to give those veteran players even more of a challenge.
[02:49] Doing four bosses all at once means we've got quite a lot to play with,
[02:53] so we want to make sure that each of the bosses have their really own unique feel to them.
[02:59] And that really comes out in the way that the environment has been designed around them.
[03:03] The Giants Causeway was a big bit of the inspiration for the style of the hexagonal placement of all the tiles in the area.
[03:10] We've also made sure that each of the four faction wings has a very distinct style and take on that area.
[03:15] As all of you are no doubt aware, we have the NXT client coming up as well
[03:19] and this was always in our mind when we were building the dungeon and the new environment.
[03:24] We've made sure that it looks as good as it possibly can in the new client.
[03:27] One of the things that really resonated with me from the original dungeon was the way that the NPCs were fighting amongst themselves
[03:33] trying to further their causes regardless of what the players were doing.
[03:36] This is something we've taken a step further in this spiritual successor,
[03:40] where the NPCs are actually moving in groups and trying to take control points around The Heart
[03:45] trying to secure victory and ultimate control for their side.
[03:49] The original God Wars was so popular because of the rewards you could get
[03:52] so we've been really careful to make sure the rewards you can get from God Wars Dungeon 2 are really awesome as well.
[03:57] You can get different armour sets in the styles of each of the generals
[04:01] and you can also get weapons in their styles as well.
[04:03] There'll also be reputation rewards you can get for raising your reputation with each of the factions
[04:08] and some of them are really cool and unique.
[04:10] Some of the extra rewards players will be glad to know we've put in are six new boss pets.
[04:14] Now there's only four bosses, so you have to guess which the extra two ones are.
[04:19] Just with like the original God Wars dungeon, we want this content to have longevity and we want people to really love it.
[04:24] So, if it goes down well, we have left room to be able to add other things in the future.
[04:29] God Wars Dungeon 2 is an awesome piece of content that I'm really proud of working on
[04:32] and I can't wait for players to get stuck in, fight the generals who are really cool characters,
[04:37] see the environment and earn themselves some sexy new rewards.
[04:41] If you fancy your very own real life God Wars 2 item,
[04:45] send us your best God Wars artwork by the 1st of April for a chance to win.
[04:50] Next week "Chronicle: RuneScape Legends" enters open beta
[04:54] so we'll be catching up with the team to find out how you can take part.
[04:58] And we'll discover more on the release of the new RuneScape game client.