Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #187 - Tales of the God Wars

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] The boys from The Watch are here this week with a special update
[00:15] to prepare you for the long-awaited God Wars 2.
[00:20] On Monday we're releasing our first piece of content in a month of God Wars Dungeon 2.
[00:24] It's called Tales of the God Wars.
[00:26] God Wars Dungeon 2 is a spiritual sequel
[00:29] to one of the most timeless pieces of content we've ever had in RuneScape.
[00:32] This is your first look at that dungeon
[00:34] and you're going to get to meet some of the most awesome characters I think we've ever put in game.
[00:39] So, rather than just jump straight into God Wars 2, we're going to give you the option
[00:42] to explore the backstory behind these bosses.
[00:45] During this tale you're going to meet a character called the Curator,
[00:48] who is interested in exploring the backstory behind the four bosses located within the dungeon.
[00:52] You're going to be travelling to all four corners of Gielinor to find out more about why they're fighting and what their aim is.
[00:58] Not only will you get to meet the generals, who are all really cool characters,
[01:01] but you'll also get your first glimpse inside the dungeon itself as well.
[01:05] The tale will not be required for God Wars 2
[01:07] but it has some handy rewards that will help you access the dungeon upon release.
[01:11] There are no hard requirements but there are some soft requirements for taking part in the tale.
[01:15] The things you have to do within are going to require roughly 70 Combat stats and you'll need to have level 70 Strength.
[01:21] Players can start this tale just north of the Agility Pyramid in the desert,
[01:25] where the entrance to the Heart of Gielinor is going to rise up out of the sand.
[01:29] For completing this tale you will get a lot of XP along the way.
[01:31] You will also get an XP lamp at the end as well.
[01:34] You will get a tele tab item that will transport you to the Heart of Gielinor
[01:37] and you'll also get an item which can increase your reputation with one of the factions once the dungeon opens up.
[01:43] I'm really excited for this to go out because it's the start of a whole month of God Wars Dungeon 2
[01:47] and we've been really passionate about it the whole time.
[01:50] And I honestly think that these characters are some of my favourite characters that are in the game.
[01:55] This is a fantastic update that really gives the players a chance to delve into the storyline
[02:00] behind the dungeon and these incredible new bosses.
[02:04] And we'll be back next week with more of March's biggest updates.