Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #186 - God Wars 2, Invention updates, Easter and more

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Looks like March is going to be a busy month!
[00:14] Dungeons, bosses, chocolate factories, betas and... butterflies?
[00:18] Mod Mark's here with all the details.
[00:21] Deep below the surface of RuneScape, a ferocious battle rages on,
[00:26] seeped in the bad blood spilt between four mighty generals and their warring factions.
[00:32] This month we bring you God Wars 2.
[00:36] March is all about the God Wars.
[00:38] You'll be able to explore the world to piece together the epic tale
[00:43] of how this brutal conflict came to be.
[00:45] Work together to unearth its hidden chambers beneath the desert sands
[00:49] and finally join the fray yourself
[00:52] and claim some of the tastiest equipment ever to grace the land of Gielinor.
[00:57] With the backstories gathered, entrance unearthed, teleports unlocked and a reputation made,
[01:03] you'll have all the things you need to stride boldly into the dungeon
[01:07] and take on the battle-hardened foes that lie beyond its archaic doors.
[01:12] Whilst inspired by the original God Wars Dungeon,
[01:15] this onslaught offers its own unique pace and gameplay,
[01:20] culminating in the big money fights that lay in the hands of these brand new generals,
[01:25] which will be revealed over the next few weeks through our social channels.
[01:29] Rewards are predictably absolutely stunning.
[01:33] There will be new god equipment,
[01:36] but we're saving the reveal of those until we're closer to the launch.
[01:40] Seren, Sliske, Zamorak and Zaros.
[01:44] New generals, new stories, new gear and a community event to boot!
[01:48] This month is going to be epic!
[01:51] We've got the first of our long-awaited skills gear for Invention,
[01:55] with fishers and woodcutters being able to create augmented gear
[01:59] that you can level up and unlock a bunch of awesome perks for.
[02:02] Hurrah! And sorry for the delay.
[02:05] Our Easter content this year features lucky golden tickets and a trip round a marvelous factory.
[02:11] But there's something wonky about it.
[02:13] It's one of Sliske's dodgy tricks!
[02:15] The Easter Bunny knows he's up to no good
[02:18] and is committed to stop him from throwing salt in this delicious festival.
[02:22] You'll need to get involved before the other ticket winners kick the bucket,
[02:26] navigating gloop, blakes of chocolate and all sorts of beaureaucracy
[02:30] So switch off the teavee, put down that cup of joe and don't be a bad nut.
[02:35] In fact, be a dahling and get involved with all the oompa you can muster.
[02:40] If anyone can get all the obvious links there to the book we're paying homage to,
[02:44] tweet me on @jagex_mark to win a special prize.
[02:50] And don't forget the Guthixian butterflies that are on the cards for March.
[02:54] They're all over the world and offer extra daily rewards.
[02:58] Talking of cards, the open beta for our brand new strategy card game
[03:02] "Chronicle: RuneScape Legends" starts on the 23rd of March.
[03:07] Chronicle is a great new card game available on your PC for completely free
[03:12] and you'll be able to log in using your RuneScape account details.
[03:16] In it, you'll be building quests, collecting gold,
[03:20] fighting monsters and wielding all your favourite RuneScape weaponry
[03:23] as you beat all comers into submission.
[03:26] You can play as five different legends, including the Raptor, Ariane and Vanescula.
[03:32] And the game is jam-packed full of RuneScape's most famous characters, equipment and locations.
[03:38] You'll collect cards and customize your own playstyle.
[03:42] And we're also launching a brand new game mode,
[03:44] where you draft cards while you explore Daemonheim.
[03:47] It's easy to play with plenty of opportunities to make your own unique card combos and killer decks.
[03:54] So there's really no excuse.
[03:56] Try it out on the 23rd of March.
[03:59] In other news, we've gone prismental with some prismania events,
[04:04] with each day of the event focusing on a different set of skills
[04:07] with extra bonuses on the final day.
[04:09] There's new Fletching and Agility outfits in Treasure Hunter,
[04:13] a fantastic new outfit on Solomon's Store inspired by our friend Legend Arts
[04:18] and a bunch of lore inspired costumes,
[04:20] starting with the Ancient Royal and Rogue outfits.
[04:24] Have fun. Wooters out. See you in the dungeon.
[04:28] We'll be exploring every corner of Gielinor next week as we piece together the mysteries of the new God Wars Dungeon.