Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #184 - Nomad's Elegy

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 184: NOMAD'S ELEGY

[00:11] Three years ago saw Sliske reshaping the world of Gielinor forever.
[00:16] Since then, gods have fallen, sides have been chosen and war is unavoidable.
[00:21] Next week it's the beginning of the end in the first part of what is sure to be RuneScape's most exciting quest line ever.
[00:28] Next week sees the release of Nomad's Elegy, the first of the Sliske's Countdown storyline quests.
[00:34] In this quest, Nomad has been up to something a bit naughty.
[00:37] He's been siphoning all of the souls in the underworld, that's everyone who died all across Gielinor.
[00:41] He's nicking their souls and using them for some nefarious reason.
[00:45] Nomad's an enigmatic character in RuneScape lore.
[00:49] He's this strange powerful sorcerer and a bit of an antihero
[00:53] or as much as a hero you can be when you're siphoning all of the souls of the dead into yourself.
[00:58] You will team up with Death, Icthlarin and some other friends as well to take the fight directly to Nomad.
[01:05] You'll be able to lead a siege on Nomad's fortress and take him out directly.
[01:10] This quest is one of the Sliske endgame quest lines which means it ties into things like Dishonor Among Thieves and The Mighty Fall,
[01:16] which are all part of Sliske's big game.
[01:18] It also ties into Missing Presumed Death as a continuation of it.
[01:21] We also reference some of the other earlier quest lines to reference some of the individuals you might be meeting along the way.
[01:28] This is a combat-heavy quest. There will be some moments which will test your ability to use the combat system to its fullest.
[01:34] This isn't just in terms of the potential boss fight that might maybe be there, which is obviously going to be there because it's Nomad,
[01:39] but also taking on Nomad's various minions in a few gameplay sections.
[01:43] To start this quest you just need to go and find the top hat and monacle that's currently on Zimberfizz and have a lovely pleasant conversation with him.
[01:49] You need to have done Nomad's requiem, Throne of Miscellenia, Void Stares Back, The Mighty Fall, Dishonor Among Thieves and Heart of Stone.
[01:56] You'll also need 75 Woodcutting, 75 Mining and 75 Construction.
[02:01] Upon completion of this quest you'll get an assortment of XP.
[02:04] You'll also get two new Invention blueprints, one of which will allow you to make pickpocketing easier
[02:09] and the other which will make your urns more efficient.
[02:11] You'll see movement on Sliske's scoreboard.
[02:14] You'll see changes in how the gods are operating
[02:17] and ultimately you'll see the final confrontation with Sliske as a direct result of this quest.
[02:23] Next week we'll be looking at what to expect at this year's Gameblast and Double XP weekend.