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Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #183 - God Scoreboard, Sliske's Endgame

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Automatic transcriptionEdit



[00:11] We're talking all about the gods this week.
[00:13] Mod Osborne's here with everything Sliske but first here's Mod Raven with the God scoreboard.
[00:19] The God Scoreboard is a giant scoreboard based on a sword in the middle of the Grand Exchange.
[00:25] Sliske being the theatrical, dramatic type, he's a bit disappointed that no one is talking about his competition
[00:30] and so he's made an obvious unavoidable advert for it.
[00:33] The God Scoreboard will update as the game itself updates, as Sliske's game updates.
[00:38] So, as the gods struggle with one another, we will see this immediately presented on the God Scoreboard.
[00:43] It has masks all up along the side of it, each of them showing which god is in the lead.
[00:47] And if you click on it you can see a better breakdown of which gods are currently winning.
[00:51] In addition to the God Scoreboard, Sliske has dispersed Sliskelion pieces.
[00:56] If you collect a number of them, you can trade them in for glorious XP.
[00:59] Sliske's scoreboard will be removed at the end of Sliske's Endgame.
[01:02] So we'll be able to see the struggle leading up to it and then it will finally be gone as the game is completed.
[01:07] So you'll be able to see some changes perhaps in an upcoming piece of content such as Nomad's Elegy.
[01:12] We might see some movement on that God Scoreboard.
[01:15] Nomad's Elegy will be the subject of next week's Behind the Scenes,
[01:18] which should give you a cheeky idea of when it's being released.
[01:21] It's fair to say that we're pretty stoked about the first quest in Sliske's Countdown.
[01:25] But you may ask "what is Sliske's Countdown and why should I be interested?"
[01:29] Well, we discussed the clearest, most effective way of telling you everything.
[01:33] And we came up with this.
[01:37] Back in the 5th Age, Sliske hung about with the Barrows Brothers and occasionally turned people undead, but no one paid too much attention to him.
[01:41] That was until the player, with a little help from the dragonkin, defeated Lucien and gained the Stone of Jas, a magical item with ridiculous power.
[01:45] The player teleported it away to a random location, which, in hindsight, was probably negligent.
[01:48] Sliske was hiding in the shadows and found the Stone of Jas in the 6th Age, using a dragonkin as a sniffer dog.
[01:52] Instead of using this magical artefact to become a god, he had a plan that tickled him in a quest called Missing Presumed Death.
[01:56] He held a party on a citadel, where he revealed his big game to an audience of gods.
[01:58] The game was simple: the Stone of Jas would go to whomever killed the most gods.
[02:01] The gods couldn't wait to scrap it out. Saradomin defeated Zamorak in a crater,
[02:03] Armadyl killed Bandos, Brassica beat Marimbo, Vorago killed Tuska,
[02:06] Elf City beat Invention and the scores started mounting up.
[02:08] Sliske sat back with a wizard mindbomb and had a giggle.
[02:10] One god claimed that he wasn't going to play this game, probably because he'd already lost once.
[02:13] Zamorak formed an Ocean's 11 of brigands and attempted to heist the stone from Sliske.
[02:16] This was all in a quest called Dishonour Among Thieves, but Sliske was already waiting for them.
[02:19] His stealth puzzle, giant door, army of wights and time-stop magic proved a problem
[02:21] until Nomad, a gifted sorcerer who the player had defeated once before in Nomad's Requiem, tried to claim the Stone for himself.
[02:25] Sliske chucked them out in a hissy fit and started the Sliske Countdown.
[02:28] From that moment, the gods only had four quests to kill a god and feature in Sliske's Endgame, whatever that would be.
[02:32] Nomad nursed his wounds and formed a plan.
[02:33] His soul obelisk could absorb souls of the dead, so what if he turned the obelisk up to 11?
[02:36] Potentially, he could be a god and have a seat at the Endgame.
[02:39] Sliske's Countdown is all about bringing one of the big storylines, Sliske and the Stone of Jas, to a close.
[02:46] We can take you step by step to Sliske giving away the Stone of Jas
[02:50] and reveal what that means for Gielinor: one god being above and beyond all the others.
[02:54] The first step is Nomad's Elegy coming this month,
[02:57] followed by the Barrows Brothers quest in May, then Fate of The Gods 2 in the Autumn.
[03:00] And then, at the end of the year, you have the big one: Sliske's Endgame.
[03:04] This is where anyone who has a high enough score on the scoreboard will feature.
[03:08] Sliske is unlikely to give it away without some tricks.
[03:11] And what is it he's hoping to achieve by all of this?
[03:13] Ultimately, one way or another, we will have a winner.
[03:18] We'll be catching up with the Dukes next week to find out more about Nomad's naughty doings
[03:23] in the first quest in Sliske's Countdown.