Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #182 - Nomad's Elegy, RuneMetrics, God Books

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind the Scenes

  1. 182: The Month Ahead: February

[00:11] Seiges, scoreboards, fundraising and dragons are some of the things coming to RuneScape this February. Over to you Mod Mark!
[00:20] Our quest this month is all about Nomad – and he has been a very, very, naughty man.
[00:26] You’ll find yourself in the Underworld, leading an army of the undead,
[00:30] reuniting with old friends thought lost to Death’s touch, and laying siege to Nomads fortress,
[00:36] trying to stop another of his power hungry schemes.
[00:40] Be prepared for one of the toughest fights yet, making your first experiences with nomad feel like a walk in the park.
[00:50] This continuing storyline was one of the lore highlights of last year and is a critical part of the 6th age,
[00:57] being the first of four quests that will bring about the conclusion of Sliskes countdown… so get involved!
[01:04] Speaking of Sliske, he’s hungry for attention as always and is slamming down his intentions for all to see.
[01:12] A cruel parody of the Edicts of Guthix, the god he killed at the end of the 5th age,
[01:17] he’s embedded a massive sword in the centre of the GE acting as a giant scoreboard tracking the antics of the gods.
[01:24] This scoreboard will track the victories of the gods as the year unfolds.
[01:28] To get your attention, he’s spread sliskelion pieces around the gameworld, earned while you train, which you can cash in at the sword for some decent XP rewards.
[01:38] The sword will be removed at the conclusion of his vicious game, so don’t hang about in finding those elusive pieces.
[01:45] The 26th of February is a great time of year to commit to an entire weekend of playing RuneScape
[01:51] it’s cold and windy outside for most of us, there are great opportunities ingame
[01:56] to make money for a fantastic charity, and a double XP weekend to enjoy.
[02:02] Alongside the double XP weekend, we’ll be running GameBlast, a 24 hour livestream event,
[02:08] entertaining you with a digital cacophony of activity, with special guests, famous streamers, challenges, crazy events and generally making a fool of ourselves.
[02:20] RuneMetrics is an amazing new ingame feature that gives you access to a huge variety of advanced tracking tools,
[02:28] giving you stats, graphs and additional website features that help you understand all the ins and outs of what your character is doing.
[02:36] This feature really helps you to understand and experiment with your gear, running onscreen, updating as you train,
[02:44] working out the best possible XP, damage and wealth rates and analyzing what you’re doing, all of the time!
[02:51] Many of these features are free, but if you’re the sort of player that wants ALL THE STATS and access to advanced tools that allow you to look at historical data,
[03:01] you’ll need to spend a bond per month.
[03:03] Gold Premier Club members get all the features for free for the first 2 weeks, and half price for the rest of the year.
[03:10] Keeping true to our promises about the new skill, were releasing more content for you to invent and experiment with this month
[03:18] and were working on important tweaks and fixes based on your feedback so far.
[03:23] We’re adding tools like the crystal pickaxe and hatchet to the list of items you can augment and adding a bunch of perks for skilling via the shiny augmentation table.
[03:34] God books will be able to be worn in the pocket slot, which gives bonuses to all combat styles, even more if it’s an illuminated god book.
[03:43] You’ll also be able to charge up your god book by consuming pages,
[03:47] with fully charged books able to unleash a special attack themed around that specific god’s lieutenant,
[03:55] like Commander Zilyana’s lightning cloud attack if you’re using the Saradomin book. It’s seriously cool.
[04:02] Were also launching the Zodiac event, which gives you a checklist of time sensitive tasks you can complete for great rewards, including the dragon zodiac costume.
[04:13] As with last year’s popular Death Lotus Training, you can complete the list multiple times for even better rewards,
[04:20] and use stamps to auto complete those tasks you really don’t want to do.
[04:25] Have fun, and w00ters out
[04:27] We’re going to be setting sail for the Eastern Lands later this year so if you’ve got ideas of what you would like to see in this new area,
[04:35] head on over to RuneLabs and let us know!
[04:37] We’ll be back next week with more of the latest RuneScape updates!