Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #181 - Getting started with Invention

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 181: Getting started with Invention

[00:11] With the release of Invention coming next week,
[00:13] the guardians are here with a few helpful pointers to help you get started.
[00:19] For anyone who hasn't been following our previous livestreams and videos,
[00:22] Invention is a new skill that will let you create new items
[00:25] and also augment your existing favourite items with powerful new perks.
[00:29] The new Invention workbench will be your first port of call.
[00:32] From here you can research and discover new devices and then manufacture them.
[00:35] You will also unlock the ability to disassemble items into new materials.
[00:40] You can then use these to create a wide variety of perks for your weapons and armour.
[00:44] We want you to experiment with Invention and discover things for yourself,
[00:47] but we thought weíd take a bit of time out in this video and go over things you might want know
[00:51] so youíre ready for next week.
[00:52] Firstly - donít disassemble everything you have stockpiled.
[00:55] Use the Analyse ability to determine the potential materials from disassembling an item.
[01:00] Pay particular attention to the junk chance when analysing an item.
[01:03] High value items have higher material value.
[01:05] The Genocidal perk is really worth getting:
[01:07] you can deal up to 5% extra damage depending on how far through your Slayer task you are!
[01:12] For launch, weíve tried to offer a range of different styles of perk that should appeal to different player types.
[01:17] My favourite are the fun perks, things like Brassican and Talking,
[01:21] and then there is one that makes you see thingsÖ that we won't go into here.
[01:26] As for combat, there are a handful of perks that increase adrenaline gain, like Invigorating and Impatient,
[01:31] which work with auto attacks and basic abilities respectively.
[01:35] Then there are a range of give-and-take perks that alter specific abilities.
[01:40] These should let combat-savvy players further customize and personalize their ability rotations.
[01:45] We've set up a brand new Invention forum.
[01:48] By all means post tips here so you can share knowledge.
[01:50] Itís also the first place our dev teams will check
[01:52] when we consider implementing feedback and new content for the skill.
[01:56] If thereís something that you really want to augment then let us know via the forums.
[01:59] We are all very excited to see Invention grow throughout 2016.
[02:03] We are committed to continually adding more perks and devices throughout the year.
[02:06] On Monday we'll be launching 50 perks to play with but we've got loads more planned for the future.
[02:10] See you in the Invention Guild!
[02:12] Next week Mod Mark is here to take a look at the updates coming to RuneScape in February.