Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #180 - Hati & Friends, and Blood Dyes

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] The people of Rellekka are howling for help this week as Hati and Sköll make their return to the Fremennik Province
[00:18] and they've brought a new four-legged beast with them too.
[00:21] Mod Marx will then be here with the super rare blood dyes, but first it's Mod Timbo.
[00:26] Next week we're releasing Hati and friends, which is a series of combat wolves you can go and fight near Rellekka.
[00:31] There is Hati, Sköll and the new wolf Fenrir.
[00:33] They are group bosses so I recommend bringing a couple of your friends because they're very tough to take down.
[00:38] Hati is a boss who spawns in the forests of Rellekka. He spawns in one of three different places.
[00:42] Once you manage to take him down, he drops a wolf head which is cosmetic
[00:47] and also some wolf gloves which you can consume for bonus combat experience.
[00:51] Sköll is a sibling of Hati and spawns to the west of Rellekka.
[00:54] You need to gather a number of logs to build up a large enough bonfire to summon Sköll.
[00:59] Once Sköll is summoned and killed, you'll get some boots and also a wolf cape.
[01:03] You can consume the boots to gain Agility or Woodcutting experience.
[01:07] Fenrir is a new combat boss we're introducing to Hati and friends this year.
[01:11] You can find him to the far east of Rellekka near the golden tree.
[01:14] When you fight Fenrir, he has a couple of new interesting attacks.
[01:16] He'll be able to summon meteors that hit the ground and leave fire patches on the floor.
[01:20] Once you kill Fenrir, he'll drop Fenrir's tooth which you can consume for bonus Herblore or Summoning experience
[01:26] and you'll also complete the wolf outfit by dropping the wolf chest and the wolf legs.
[01:29] Eir is a Valkyrie from the Fremennik spriritual realm come to come help and deal with Fenrir and his friends.
[01:35] Eir has lost her helmet and spear and she asks you to go and reclaim it back.
[01:38] You can collect them either from skilling nearby at the Divination locations
[01:42] or you can go kill Hati and Sköll and trade them with a player to get the right components.
[01:46] Once you hand them in, you get bonus experience in either Divination or Prayer.
[01:50] There are no requirements other than being a member to fight Hati and his friends.
[01:54] I would however recommend bringing your best combat gear and some friends along with you because they are very tough to kill.
[02:00] Players should come and take part in Hati and friends this year because not only we've completed the wolf outfit
[02:04] that we've been building on for the last couple of years, but there is also a boatload of bonus experience to be gained.
[02:09] Next week we'll be releasing blood dyes which is a reward that you can get from elite treasure trails.
[02:15] The idea for blood dyes came from a RuneLabs suggestion
[02:18] from a player called iZaz, who also provided a concept which we worked from.
[02:22] All kits in the game that are able to be dyed at the moment will also be able to be dyed with blood dyes.
[02:27] This includes Malevolent, Sirenic and Tectonic kits.
[02:31] Blood dyes are a tradeable item up until you use them, where they become untradeable.
[02:35] Blood dyes are a really prestigious reward so players should get stuck in with treasure trails to see if they can get them.
[02:42] There's still a chance to enter our competition for your very own seat at the premier of the RuneScape documentary.
[02:49] You can tell us what RuneScape means to you via video,
[02:51] design a poster for the premier or take part in our forum sweepstake.
[02:55] All of the competition details can be found on our website.
[02:59] With the release of Invention just around the corner,
[03:01] the guardians will be here next week with their top tips for getting started with RuneScape's first elite skill.