Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #17 - Bot Judgement Day

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Behind the scenes
Judgement Day in Botany Bay
[00:06] Bots are not at all welcome in RuneScape and when it comes to bot judgement day, justice is swift..
[00:12] and very final.
[00:14] Soon in RuneScape, you'll be able to dispatch bots to bot heaven..
[00:17] or hell .. yourself thanks to Botany Bay.
[00:20] As a company we're constantly working on multiple initiatives at any one time to help combat bots
[00:25] and in the last three or four years we've done an awful lot of different types of things everything
[00:28] through from mass bans all the way through to being able to take people and and all different types of punishments.
[00:33] We've built an entire new system from the ground up that looks at behaviours by player characters
[00:38] and it can accurately detect bot software being used within the game
[00:41] so for the first time ever we're able to track what every single player is doing.
[00:45] At the moment we're currently working on a really big piece of content
[00:48] that you guys will see pretty soon called Botany Bay.
[00:49] A large part of Botany Bay is about I guess, trying to have a bit of fun with the subject as well.
[00:55] So if someone is botting they'll first be given a warning
[00:58] and what happens when the warning comes in is this big dragony hand will come down and point at the player
[01:04] so anyone who's in the area with any accounts that are actually botting
[01:07] will be able to see that that account has been accused and then they'll be given a temporary ban.
[01:12] If they still choose to ignore the warnings and continue to use a bot which would be pretty stupid,
[01:18] we'll warn them a second time and this time we'll give them a much longer temporary ban
[01:24] so they won't be able to access their account, they'll be sent emails,
[01:27] they'll be told that we know what they're doing, we'll be very very clear
[01:30] on the fact that they'll then be banned if they do it again.
[01:33] So on the third time, they'll be banned straight away, theyll just get a big interface
[01:38] that will pop up and will tell them that they're banned.
[01:41] At the same time, this event will trigger in Botany Bay.
[01:45] Botany Bay is our staging area where we'll be holding the trials against these bots.
[01:49] The bots will be whisked away with a one way ticket but the players will have obviously a return ticket to get back
[01:55] because they make up the jury and they'll be helping to decide their punishments.
[01:58] The Bot Finder General is the prosecutor for the trial,
[02:01] he'll ask you the jury to vote on what punishment you want to decide for these bots.
[02:05] "This rule breaking criminal wreaks of the corrupt mechanisms of slothfulness."
[02:11] there are three different ways you can kill a bot. the first one being a stomping.
[02:14] As it sounds, literally stomp that into the floor.
[02:16] The second one being a swallowing into an abyss never to be seen again.
[02:20] And third and final, my favourite one is God rays from above that'll burn them to a crisp.
[02:24] So there's only one way to get to Botany Bay and that is to be teleported there from the Announcer.
[02:29] The Announcer exists all over the game world and it's the only way in.
[02:34] Botany Bay is actually an island which exists far off the coast of RuneScape
[02:39] and it's impossible to walk there, it's impossible to sail there.
[02:41] The only way you can get there is by being teleported by the Announcer.
[02:46] If you are taking part in trials there are rewards and one of them being a pitchfork you can wield
[02:50] and to go along with that pitchfork is some cool looking emotes as well.
[02:54] Not only that, you get to pelt these parasites with tomatoes.
[02:57] We've got a few thoughts on styles to come in the future but more interestingly
[03:01] we'd like you the players to come up with some on the forums
[03:03] and give us some feedback of what you'd like to see and how to punish these bots further.
[03:06] So I was watching the live stream and I noticed there was a question there from SilentC0re
[03:11] about who gets sent to Botany Bay and who chooses, who decides which bots are sent there.
[03:18] So the answer to the question is no one really chooses,
[03:21] basically if a bot is caught and there is no account currently being trialled in Botany Bay
[03:29] then that account will go straight to Botany Bay.
[03:31] If Botany Bay is full and there are already accounts being tried at Botany Bay
[03:38] then that account will automatically be banned.
[03:40] We're constantly working on ways to break bots so now we have this system in place
[03:44] we're looking at ways to mass ban
[03:47] and you've seen over the last three or four years,
[03:50] actually even stretching back longer than that we've done all different types of thing
[03:53] and that's because we're constantly working on it and we're constantly coming up with new things
[03:56] and so we've always got interesting ways to take those initiatives further.
[04:00] Next week, Behind the Scenes dives into the Challenge System
[04:02] and we bring you a first look at your RuneScape account's new best friend:
[04:07] the Jagex Account Guardian