Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #179 - 15th Birthday Celebrations

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week on Behind The Scenes we're celebrating RuneScape's 15th birthday!
[00:15] To go with this incredible milestone, the dev team have worked on some fantastic in-game content.
[00:21] Mod Conor will be here with next week's re-release of RuneScape Classic but first Mod Krista is here with birthday celebrations!
[00:29] On Monday we released a party area to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of RuneScape.
[00:33] The celebration area north of Falador is designed like a garden and what we've done is we created statues for each of the fifteen years.
[00:41] It's something iconic from those 15 years.
[00:43] And when you get to your garden you'll find lots of empty plinths and then you can go and collect statues.
[00:49] And then you'll be able to decorate your garden and have a journey through the fifteen years of RuneScape.
[00:53] To get these statues, you get one from the box from Party Pete for free.
[00:57] And then there are statue portals. They're in the free-to-play world.
[01:00] All you have to do is find one of the portals. It'll have a fifteen-year logo on it.
[01:03] Click on it and then you'll unlock that statue.
[01:06] And then you can go back to your garden and see all of the gorgeous things that you've unlocked.
[01:10] For finding four of the statues, you'll unlock a dance emote which has got a really cool Stone of Jas disco ball.
[01:17] For eight of them you get skilling bubbles.
[01:20] For getting twelve of the statues you get a nostalgic fifteen-year emote
[01:24] which is currently four emotes, one for 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.
[01:29] They have an iconic theme from that era.
[01:32] We will be adding more to that throughout the year, so there will be fifteen emotes in this one emote by the end of the year.
[01:37] And then when you've unlocked all fifteen statues you get the amazing cracker wings.
[01:41] They sit on your back, they look like crackers and party hats come out of them
[01:45] so they trail behind you as you run, which is amazing.
[01:48] Also there are balloon drops every half an hour. They're at almost every lodestone.
[01:54] You can pop fifty a day and in them you can find prizes.
[01:58] So you've got party hat fragments. Combine a hundred of those and you get a party hat.
[02:04] There's a fifteen year tunic that you can get which has the logo on. It's really quite snazzy.
[02:08] Also when you've popped some balloons you can get the special fifteenth anniversary balloon
[02:13] which once every half an hour you can bank an item.
[02:16] You've got money, stars, lamps and all sorts of funny things in there.
[02:19] And you can also get statues that way if you don't want to go and find the portals.
[02:22] We've also got lots of iconography around the game.
[02:25] We've got lanterns on all the trees and all the lodestones have got the logo on as well,
[02:29] just to bring a bit of flavour throughout the whole world.
[02:31] When you eat from the buff tables in the party area,
[02:34] the first time you do that you'll unlock a cake, a special fifteen-year cake.
[02:38] You can eat this cake once every three minutes and it will heal you. It's scaled per level.
[02:43] There's also The Drop. We've got a special edition of that. Go and talk to Fame. She's in the party area.
[02:48] That's every half an hour again on the half hour, and you've got fifteen questions,
[02:52] one for each year about the history of RuneScape.
[02:55] All of these features are available until the end of the month
[02:58] and the statue portals will be around until the end of the year so you can find them at your leisure.
[03:02] The reason we've done these celebrations is to give something back to the players for the fifteen years that they've supported us.
[03:08] For the community. To celebrate the fifteen years of this fantastic game that we all love working on.
[03:13] And it's something that was fun for us to put together as well. So it's basically great for everyone!
[03:18] Next Monday, January 11th, we're going to be opening up RuneScape Classic for all members to sign up and create new accounts.
[03:25] If you sign in at any point during these two months, you're going to have access to Classic indefinitely.
[03:30] So come in, try it out and see where everything began.
[03:34] We're heading north next week to the deep dark forests of Rellekka as this year sees the return of Hati and Skoll
[03:41] and they've brought along another four-legged friend.