Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #178 - Invention, 15 Years Anniversary

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] With 2015 coming to an end, what better way to prepare for the new year
[00:16] than Mod Mark giving us a rundown on January's most exciting updates.
[00:21] We start the year with the smell of smoke, grinding gears and sparks of joy.
[00:27] 2016 is the year of Invention
[00:30] and the skill itself gets launched on the 25th of January.
[00:34] It's an elite skill, entirely focussed around high-level players,
[00:38] with all the different ways to level the skill available from level 1
[00:43] and plenty of exciting unlocks as you progress all the way to level 120.
[00:48] You'll be the first people ever to discover this new field of science,
[00:53] experimenting and pushing the RuneScape world into the future.
[00:58] You'll need level 80 in Smithing, Crafting, and Divination, so get those skills up now.
[01:03] The weekend of the 8th of January is a perfect time to do that,
[01:07] with several boosts to the relevant skills available via our Winter Weekends.
[01:13] Next year RuneScape celebrates its 15 year anniversary
[01:16] and we're adding a bunch of new content so we can all celebrate together.
[01:21] From the 4th of January, log in and get your celebration pack.
[01:25] And search for 15 portals across Gielinor which, when found, unlock cool rewards,
[01:31] including new emotes and decorate a brand new party area with fantastical statues,
[01:36] complete with magical XP boosting food.
[01:40] Around almost every lodestone we'll be holding balloon drops, containing even more rewards.
[01:46] And some special versions of The Drop, our ingame quiz show, all about RuneScape's rich history.
[01:52] We look forward to celebrating this epic milestone with you all, so do drop by.
[01:57] Party? P-A-R-T-Y? Coz we gotta!
[02:02] As is traditional in the cold winter Fremennik months,
[02:05] Hati wolf returns and this time he's brought even more friends.
[02:10] For those of you new to the perils of Rellekan folk lore,
[02:13] Hati and his furry crew provide a bunch of short, temporary combat and skilling challenges
[02:19] with some very generous bonus XP rewards and funky outfits.
[02:24] Along with Hati, Skoll and Eir the Valkyrie, Fenrir is tagging along for a ride,
[02:29] providing a new test for you brave warriors,
[02:32] rewarding the body and leg pieces of the Fremennik wolf outfit
[02:35] and awarding you a fat chunk of Summoning or Herblore XP.
[02:40] We also have a host of other events throughout January in Treasure Hunter,
[02:44] like bringing back dragon chests and adding a brand new god chest,
[02:48] crazy RuneScapey piñata fun and we're adding some corrupted souls to monster drops,
[02:53] which can be collected for Slayer XP, soul gems or some great-looking corrupted armour.
[02:59] Keep an eye open for some new Player Power too with RuneLabs.
[03:04] And there's the fantastic Premier Club that I mentioned last month,
[03:08] which you can still sign up for until the end of January.
[03:12] Have fun. Happy New Year. Wooters out.
[03:16] And we'll be back next week with more of the latest RuneScape news.