Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #177 - RuneScape 2016 Manifesto

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 177: 2016 MANIFESTO

[00:11] Merry Christmas!
[00:13] Mods Osborne and Connor are here with our 2016 manifesto.
[00:18] -Merry Christmas!
-Merry Christmas!
[00:20] Merry Christmas, everyone. This is the alternate RuneScape Christmas speech. So I guess I'm the Queen and you're the Corgi in this one.
[00:27] I'm also known as Mod Connor.
[00:28] And I'm Mod Osbourne.
[00:29] We are going to take you through some of the updates of 2016 and why you should be really excited about what's upcoming.
[00:34] One of the biggies for me is the 15 year anniversary, obviously. We hit that on the 4th of January.
[00:39] Absolutely.
[00:39] Exactly. So we are going to have a big party.
[00:41] That is looking great. The team had an idea, they ran with it and turned it into a garden party. Let's do statues. And then we have a scavenger hunt to get that garden populated.
[00:49] Giving you loads of stuff. And the joy is in the first 6 months you'll also get the Gower Quest. We have been working with the Gower brothers.
[00:55] They have been well on board. It's very cabbage heavy, trust me.
[00:59] And it's looking great. It's looking very mad. And talking about quests, obviously next year is also about storyline. We're going to bring Sliske's End Game to a close.
[01:07] Taking 2016, we kind of came in and said let's give ourselves some structure to work against.
[01:12] We built 3 core pillars. And that was one of them. That's one of the big ones.
[01:17] It's very character-oriented. You learn more about Nomad and Nomad's Elegy. You learn more about Sliske in Ballad of the Barrows Brothers. You learn more about Zaros in Fate of the Gods 2. They're really exciting stories and I cannot wait.
[01:27] Then we've got the entire pillar of Invention, which is going to be a backbone to pieces that we release throughout the year.
[01:33] We've got a big hit with the launch. It gives people the chance to race in there and get their hands on a new skill, rush the high scores.
[01:40] But the big thing that we want to do with Invention is it's not all about that first release.
[01:45] It's about how it'll spread through the game as we progress through the year and on into the future years.
[01:51] So things like God Wars Dungeon 2 will come with materials, perks that can be used with Invention, which, God Wars Dungeon 2 which, you know, is pretty awesome.
[01:59] Yeah. That has a lot of people really excited.
[02:03] It's worth talking about NXT. We can finally talk about it!
[02:07] Yes! We had the livestream and I hope everyone managed to pick that up. We showed off a couple of areas, let people see what's going on.
[02:14] It's great to get it out there. I know the team were dying to show it off. We are trying to find the right time.
[02:18] And one of the great things is we get to create content for NXT. So I know the God Wars Dungeon 2 boys are creating something that will look pretty spiffing.
[02:25] We want to make sure that when people come back to God Wars Dungeon using the NXT client it looks amazing.
[02:32] And that's not talking even about River of Blood, the new vampire quest, the finale.
[02:37] Hopefully that's really exciting. And we want to really go for it in the first 6 months and also the next.
[02:42] We have the Mining and Smithing rework, which surprised us because it came so high in the survey.
[02:46] Being able to give more areas and more space. It works well with Invention. More rewards.
[02:51] And then of course we have raids and solo boss. We have this high-end combat second half of the year.
[02:58] You've got a split of both there. You've got raids, which encourages group play, but you've also got the solo boss.
[03:02] We know players like that. We know players want to be able to go in and take on that big heavy boss on their own.
[03:09] That's awesome. And the second half of the year obviously brings the end of Sliske's End Game.
[03:12] So you have got both Fate of the Gods 2 and Sliskes End Game, which ties everything all together. And a wee surprise at the end, if you're really interested in what's coming after that.
[03:19] And of course that doesn't even count the smaller updates. A lot of what we are trying to do in 2016 is looking at what we've already built, what other pieces of content can we give them.
[03:28] Can we fit in a small little bottle quest here? Can we use assets? Kinda like what we did with gobies and raids.
[03:32] So it almost feels like you would have a God Wars Dungeon month with a God Wars theme and that's what we are going for.
[03:37] This all leads to us and are overarching things for 2016. We are looking to declutter the game.
[03:44] Some of the big things we try to do. We want to consider the amount of complexity and the amount of items and new activities that we are putting into the game.
[03:52] And the confusion that causes for people as they come in.
[03:55] Also it's about the end game, the high level players.
[03:57] Giving people new goals, new objectives, making sure there is something substantial for people to play through as they get to the high levels. It's a lot of what Invention is about.
[04:06] Yeah. Players are reaching that end game and they've been with us for a long time. So we want to make sure we are giving them the content that really suits them.
[04:13] And talking about Invention again, it's also about giving people better rewards. We want to really give substantial quality rewards that people really want. Desirable stuff.
[04:21] And make sure that they all have their own space and they have their own useful opportunities.
[04:26] And now's the time for a Christmas present, I guess.
[04:29] We've got a surprise which is... Invention.
[04:32] It's coming out in one months' time so today is the 25th, it'll be coming out on January 25th. So start booking your days off.
[04:39] Start prepping your banks.
[04:40] Indeed.
[04:41] So that's it. Thank you so much for listening to our Christmas speech and have a lovely Christmas season.
[04:47] -And a happy new year!
-And have a happy new year!
[04:49] Cheers, guys!
[04:55] Mod Mark's back next week to give us a glimpse into the updates coming to RuneScape in January 2016.