Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #176 - Why you need Invention

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] With Invention arriving in RuneScape early next year, Mod Osborne is here to give you an overview of what to expect.
[00:19] You may have heard that a new skill is coming out in January and it's called Invention.
[00:23] It's about discovering stuff that nobody has ever seen before.
[00:26] It's about you being the mad scientist who pushes the tech level of Gielinor forward.
[00:31] One chunk of that is about you making devices, wacky items that bring new things into the game,
[00:36] like the potent Super Chinchompa.
[00:38] The other chunk is about buffing and levelling your favourite combat gear to make it even more powerful.
[00:44] And Invention is an elite skill, so everything is designed for purely high levels.
[00:49] Even the skill itself is unlocked at Smithing 80, Crafting 80 and Divination 80.
[00:54] So what can you expect when Invention launches? Well, it's pretty much up to you.
[00:58] You might want to chase the best possible weapon.
[01:01] Hunt for the best perks, the holy grails of Invention, to attach to your weapon and give it hefty buffs.
[01:05] Then, level up your weapon to make the god-killing sword that you've always wanted.
[01:10] Or you might want the best items for any situation.
[01:13] Imagine an armoury of gear perfect for boss fighting, raids, slaying dragons, slaying demons, whatever you can think of.
[01:20] And there are also wild and wacky perks to find. I'm sure you've wanted weapons to talk to back to you...
[01:24] -...just when you least expect it.
-Alright, mate!
[01:27] For us, making the first elite skill has been a real opportunity to try out new things.
[01:32] The biggie? All the major ways to play Invention are introduced right at level 1.
[01:37] You can just jump in and augment any of your existing gear and use it in the wild.
[01:41] There's still plenty to unlock though, from passive upgrades to rarer materials, but the intention is to get you rolling from the very start.
[01:48] We've also delicately changed the XP needed to reach each level.
[01:52] It's satisfying at early levels.
[01:53] Getting a 99 or 120 should take about the same time as existing skills and latter levels will not feel quite as hard to get through.
[02:00] You'll also come across pivotal choices as you level up.
[02:03] Decide whether to be a dwarven or cave goblin inventor, which also determines the order of your unlocks.
[02:08] Finally, it's a skill that's not just about launch. It will be added to throughout 2016 as we add new materials, new perks and devices.
[02:15] And, later in the year, a massive update
[02:18] that will give you access to machines that give you the edge in inventing and a host of other skills.
[02:23] So, that's what you can expect from Invention!
[02:25] Stock up on stuff to be broken down into Invention materials and prepare for the chase to the top of the Invention hiscores.
[02:32] Today's a big day for RuneLabs, as we open up the Player Power Area.
[02:37] Do you have ideas for a new city, area or island that could be added to the game?
[02:41] Well, get onto RuneLabs, submit your crazy plan and see how many votes you get from your fellow players.
[02:47] Mod Osborne's back next week along with Mod Conor for our 2016 manifesto.