Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #175 - Beneath Cursed Tides (Tutorial Island Quest)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 175: Beneath Cursed Tides

[00:11] Grab your fishbowl helmets and diving suits as this week we’re heading underwater
[00:16] to a mysterious yet familiar island in RuneScape’s newest quest: Beneath Cursed Tides.
[00:23] Next week RuneScape sees beneath cursed tides, a quest about the perils of Tutorial Island.
[00:28] Starting Monday you’ll find Wizard Myrtle outside the Wizards Tower.
[00:31] A hydromancer who specializes in water spells.
[00:34] And she’ll want you to go down and investigate a sunken island which turns out to be Tutorial Island
[00:39] which a lot of people will remember from back in the day.
[00:41] Her mentor was Wizard Terrova who used to work on Tutorial Island
[00:45] and she’s been wondering what’s happened to him since the island disappeared.
[00:48] So your task is to go through the island and solve the mystery of what happened to it.
[00:53] Wizard Myrtle has developed an underwater breathing spell which players can use to go down to the island
[00:57] or you can use alternative breathing methods you found in your adventures across RuneScape.
[01:02] If you’ve got an aquarium you can use your diving suit
[01:04] and if you’ve got a fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus you can also use that as well.
[01:08] When you dive down to the island you’re going to be solving the mystery of what happened to all the islanders
[01:13] and that will lead you to complete a lot of tasks similar to the tasks that you had to do on the original island
[01:18] and now that it’s underwater they’ll all be flipped on their head.
[01:20] You’re going to see a lot of familiar places and you might even see some familiar faces as you try and figure out
[01:25] what happened to the island and what happened to the islanders.
[01:28] So for players who have played the original tutorial island, there’s going to be a lot of nostalgic funny moments
[01:34] which you may remember from your first time playing.
[01:36] So if you’ve played it you should notice the jokes we’ve put in here and there or how the tasks link in to what used to happen
[01:41] and hopefully there’ll be a lot of stuff for veteran players to really get into.
[01:45] Beneath Cursed Tides was originally suggested by Guitar Girl on RuneLabs.
[01:50] She suggested it as a quest and it related to the fact in Ports sometimes you’ll send a boat out
[01:55] and you’ll hear that it went past a sunken island which used to be a school for adventurers
[01:59] and that has actually lead to the creation of the whole quest.
[02:02] There are no quest requirements for Beneath Cursed Tides but you will need 30 in the following skills:
[02:07] Attack, Strength, Magic, Mining, Smithing, Woodcutting, Firemaking and Cooking!
[02:12] After the quest one of the rewards will be to go back to the island and there’ll be a farming and a fishing task
[02:17] which give you things to feed to a giant oyster to get rolls on the clue scrolls drop tables.
[02:22] And another one is a cosmetic reward which is Vannakas two handed steel sword held in one hand.
[02:28] And there’s also a music box which will unlock the original Newbie Melody.
[02:32] A melody that you probably know and you probably love.
[02:35] Players should come and play this quest because it’s going to be appealing to all kinds of players.
[02:38] If you’re a new player you get to go and investigate an underwater island which is going to be really cool
[02:43] and if you’re a veteran player you’ll go back to Tutorial Island which you should know and love
[02:47] and hopefully you’ll recognize all the cool jokes we’ve put in there.
[02:50] Personally I can’t wait to see the Island, so I’ll see you down there!
[02:53] I’ll see you on the island!
[02:57] People should play this quest because it’s a laugh, it’s a throwback and you’re going to love it.
[03:05] Mod Osborne’s here next week as we get an exciting new insight into the new skill invention.