Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #174 - Christmas Festivities in RS

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 174: CHRISTMAS 2015

[00:11] We have a host of JMods this week to tell you all about the festive antics happening in the world of RuneScape.
[00:17] So we've got a Christmas quest.
[00:20] It's called 'The Pinch Who Stole Christmas'.
[00:23] The snow imps don't know why an iceberg filled with presents has appeared off the coast of Daemonheim and they need you to investigate.
[00:30] And you need to figure out if this is some kind of nefarious plot, who's involved and there are characters for you to rescue as well.
[00:36] As it turns out, Santa, the Queen of Snow, Jack Frost, and the snow imp from 2008 have all vanished.
[00:42] To start the event you need to talk to a snow imp in either Burthorpe, Lumbridge or Prifddinas.
[00:48] The snow imp will ask you to investigate on their behalf.
[00:52] They don't know why this iceberg has appeared. They don't know why it's covered in presents that they didn't wrap.
[00:57] They will basically tell you what you need to do to go to the iceberg off the coast of Daemonheim.
[01:02] There's a lodestone there that you will find on your lodestone interface.
[01:05] And once you are there you have to find your snow imp.
[01:09] And then you have to find him among a sea of presents.
[01:11] You find that the presents are labelled for citizens of Gielinor,
[01:16] very important people including snow imps and of course yourself.
[01:20] Whether you choose to open that present is entirely up to you.
[01:22] Once you have found your snow imp,
[01:25] you will be given an ice amulet that from then on will allow you to summon the snow imp for the rest of the adventure.
[01:31] Then there's a bit of mystery, a little bit of cooking, there's a little bit of skilling
[01:36] and then you free one of the NPCs that have been captured.
[01:40] Once you finish episode one of the four episodes of the Christmas quest,
[01:45] you will discover that the penguins are on the iceberg and they are up to no good.
[01:49] The question everybody would be asking is why are the penguins doing this?
[01:53] Now that's a mystery that you will get to solve as you go through the quest.
[01:57] Each week you'll discover more about the plot, you'll unlock new activities to skill up with
[02:02] and you'll try to discover who the big bad the penguins call 'The Pinch' really is and what his plan involves.
[02:09] Every time you finish a weekly episode you will get a new reward.
[02:13] Once you complete the first of the weekly episodes you will get access to a brand new snowboard like we gave out last year
[02:20] with which you can do double back flips and some ten-eighties and really cool tricks on.
[02:24] The second one is an emote which you'll get to find out what it is when you do it.
[02:28] The third one we're going to keep it secret for now.
[02:31] On episode four, as many of you have seen from the livestreams, you'll get access to the penguin onesie which looks incredible.
[02:38] There are absolutely no requirements whatsoever.
[02:40] It is free to play, available for everybody, although a sense of humour is recommended.
[02:45] The event will be running until the beginning of January so you will have plenty of time to do the whole event.
[02:50] Other than the Christmas quest we have the advent calendar and our Winter Weekends.
[02:55] The advent calendar is a place you can go every day to get some free gifts.
[02:58] These are prizes that have been on Treasure Hunter this year and previous years as well as a couple of new free things.
[03:04] Some examples are our skilling outfits
[03:06] and we have our new Christmas rares, which are little plushies so you can carry a little penguin around with you.
[03:12] This year we have six Winter Weekends instead of the normal four that we have done before.
[03:17] These include things like Dungeoneering, we have some for Mazcab and raiding,
[03:21] bossing, skilling and we have one to help you prep for Invention.
[03:25] To get more information about all of our Christmas stuff you can go to the Christmas interface
[03:29] which can be found on the ribbon or if in Legacy Mode on the minimap.
[03:32] Or by pressing F7.
[03:35] This Christmas the community team are getting so festive.
[03:38] We're so excited because we've got so much going on.
[03:41] You just open up that Christmas interface, click on that Community tab.
[03:44] There's livestreams, daily competitions on the forums, we've got an Instagram adventure.
[03:49] This year we're also giving you the opportunity to download some RuneScape themed cards.
[03:54] You can send them back to us, give your favourite JMods a Christmas message.
[03:58] Plus you can send them to your friends too.
[04:00] Livestreaming is going to be such a massive part of Christmas this year.
[04:03] We've got our in game Christmas party plus on our developer Q&A we're going to be taking a look at the whole of 2016.
[04:10] You guys really need to come and take part in these Christmas events because there's so much going on.
[04:14] There's amazing prizes up for grabs, including a Gold Premier Club package.
[04:19] Don't forget as well we've got the quest going on all throughout December in those multi parts.
[04:23] It's all there on that Christmas interface so you just need to click it and there's something for everyone.
[04:28] And we're back with Behind the Scenes next week to bring you more of the latest RuneScape news.