Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #172 - Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] With less than a week till Chronicle moves into its closed beta,
[00:15] this seems like the perfect time to take a look at RuneScape's newest game.
[00:19] The RuneScape universe is expanding.
[00:21] Deep within the hall of legends comes a brand new way to explore Gielinor.
[00:25] This time you will be the one who's making the choices.
[00:28] Chronicle is a strategy card game where using cards you're actually going to be building a little adventure
[00:33] for these really awesome legends that exist within RuneScape.
[00:36] In Chronicle you are tasked with taking one of RuneScape's many legendary characters
[00:40] and questing them across the landscapes against a rival legend who you have to defeat in battle.
[00:46] Chronicle is different because of its heritage.
[00:48] It was really born out of us wanting to create a quest builder of some kind.
[00:52] And as a result of that, it's very different compared to many card games.
[00:56] Using the cards you're going to be building a quest, putting together and putting down creatures,
[01:02] allies, locations, items, all for your legend to collect.
[01:06] And that is relatively very much so a very unique way of playing a card game.
[01:12] Fifteen years ago RuneScape changed the game with its unique gameplay and community building.
[01:16] With Chronicle we wanted to do the same thing.
[01:18] Fifteen years later we wanted to deliver you a brand new gameplay experience that you can't get anywhere else.
[01:23] As well as expanding upon the RuneScape universe, we wanted it to be something you can play alongside it.
[01:28] Whether you're playing DarkScape, OldSchool or RuneScape, you can play Chronicle at the same time.
[01:33] You'll get to experience everything from a jubbly bird to Zemouregal.
[01:37] You can create crazy scenarios like the Raptor and Ariane battling it out in the middle of the Grand Exchange.
[01:42] Or Ozan mocking the Raptor outside the Wizards Tower.
[01:45] All of this takes place in stunning locations from across Gielinor.
[01:48] All in amazing new fidelity.
[01:50] The art style for Chronicle came about with us wanting to find something that really captured the boardgame, tabletop feel.
[01:57] But also gave us a really neat way of showcasing Gielinor's amazing landscape
[02:03] in ways that hadn't actually been seen yet.
[02:05] We have four legends currently within Chronicle. We have Raptor, Linza, Ozan and Ariane,
[02:10] who really showcase very different playstyles when playing Chronicle.
[02:14] We have already got plans though of expanding upon that.
[02:17] We already have Movran and Vanescula planned for making an appearance and they'll bring their own little playstyles into the game as well.
[02:24] In just a few short days you'll be able to get your hands on the closed beta version of Chronicle starting November 25th.
[02:31] We want you to have your say on the early development of Chronicle and guide its development over the next few months.
[02:37] Like RuneScape, we want Chronicle to be community-led.
[02:40] The Chronicle team's going to be online on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit answering your questions
[02:44] and our own brand new forums at
[02:47] As well as PC we're also developing for VR and iPad.
[02:50] All of these things mean that the RuneScape universe will be open to a whole new set of players.
[02:54] Chronicle's got something for everybody.
[02:56] If you're a fan of RuneScape, then we already have all the amazing legends and environments, creatures,
[03:02] lore which you're already familiar with, but we're presenting it in a very different way to how you've previously experienced it.
[03:09] And if you're a fan of card games, then Chronicle offers a completely unique way of playing.
[03:14] Something which is really really fun and you should check it out.
[03:17] The next step for Chronicle RuneScape Legends is up to you.
[03:21] Join us on November 25th as the closed beta begins.
[03:25] Don't forget to head over to to sign up for the closed beta coming on the November 25th.
[03:31] With the festive season soon approaching, Mod Mark's here next week with all the details on December's updates.