Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #171 - Inside Invention

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] With Invention arriving early next year, Mod Moltare's here this week with part one of an in-depth look at RuneScape's new elite skill.
[00:23] Greetings. I am Mod Moltare, the Count of Cogs, the Baron of Blueprints.
[00:28] Welcome to the first of two videos on Invention.
[00:31] As an elite skill, it will require that you have level 80 in Smithing, Crafting and Divination in order to train it.
[00:37] In this video we'd like to give you a quick primer of how the skill will work.
[00:41] And to help us along, here's my faithful assistant, Cogsborne.
[00:45] Say hello, Cogsborne!
[00:47] The first thing Cogsborne will need to do is disassemble something he's already got.
[00:52] Disassembly takes goods you no longer need and turns them into materials that the Invention skill will use.
[00:59] Oh dear. Resources you're not going to use anymore,
[01:02] weapons you've outleveled and multiples of stuff you really don't need more than one of.
[01:07] The simplest way to disassemble something is to drag it from your inventory
[01:11] straight to the materials bag icon in the inventory itself.
[01:14] Disassembly is not the main way to train Invention.
[01:18] Disassembly's main use therefore is to provide the materials that you'll use in other aspects of the Invention skill.
[01:23] Now, maple shield bows, they're a low level item,
[01:27] they won't get you a particularly impressive slew of materials but it's enough to get you started.
[01:31] Fortunately enough, Cogsborne also has some higher level items.
[01:36] He's managed to build two royal crossbows while bossing. He only needs one. Let's break down the other one.
[01:41] Disassembling that royal crossbow has given Cogsborne a dragonfire component.
[01:46] Some components can only come from a very limited or unique set of sources.
[01:51] And, just for laughs, let's also break down some black armour and white armour.
[01:56] So now Cogsborne has a wide range of materials that he can play with.
[02:02] Now, Cogsborne's very favourite thing is Slayer.
[02:06] Cogsborne's current target is black demons, which he generally fights with his Armadyl armour and his royal crossbow.
[02:12] Invention can help here by adding perks which make those weapons more efficient in those circumstances.
[02:18] To do that we need an empty gizmo device, which we can use to open up the prototyping interface.
[02:24] Think of this as a melting pot or cauldron into which you can place materials
[02:28] and find out a range of effects that they could have.
[02:31] Nothing is guaranteed here. It's a drop table of sorts.
[02:34] But by playing around with different materials you can tune what the possible outcomes might be to your satisfaction and then give it a go.
[02:42] This gizmo now has perks on it and it could be added to our gear.
[02:46] Unfortunately, Cogsborne hasn't made a very good one.
[02:50] This one's actually got the demon bait perk on it, which is exactly what you don't want for fighting demons.
[02:54] And we'll try again.
[02:56] Much better. Not only does this one have Demon Slayer on it,
[03:00] it also has the precise perk which is also a good thing to have.
[03:04] The perks you get on gizmos can be positive, negative or just plain weird.
[03:09] But you'll always get a good chunk of experience for using up materials in making perks.
[03:14] Before you can add your newly made gizmo to a weapon, you have to augment it using a small device called a tinker.
[03:20] Cogsborne has just applied his tinker to the royal crossbow that he already had.
[03:24] As you can see, it now has a few small embellishments to mark it as an augmented weapon
[03:29] but its silhouette is still recognisable as a royal crossbow.
[03:32] Now that the royal crossbow is augmented, Cogsborne can add the perk that he made earlier.
[03:37] Imagine if you will, building an entire armoury of your favourite weapons,
[03:41] tweaked for exactly the sort of situations you want to use them in.
[03:45] Using an augmented weapon in combat causes it to gain experience just as you do, and level up.
[03:51] Levelling up the weapon gives it a small but significant suite of its own little benefits.
[03:56] It drains less charge, it can give you your gizmos back when you disassemble it, all of that sort of thing.
[04:01] And the main thing, when you do finally disassemble it, it's worth a nice chunk of Invention XP.
[04:06] As such, augmenting, levelling and then disassembling weapons
[04:11] is one of the core ways we expect you to be able to train Invention.
[04:14] Thank you for joining us for part one of our Invention primer.
[04:17] Coming in December in part 2, we'll talk about devices, discovery,
[04:22] inspiration, tech trees and all the ways we'll be bringing this to you throughout the new year.
[04:27] For now though, say goodbye, Cogsborne.
[04:32] Good lad.
[04:36] Next week we're back with a sneak peek at the brand new RuneScape game Chronicle.
[04:41] But if you need tiding over till then, don't forget Tuesday at 5pm game time we have the Combat Council Q&A livestream
[04:47] and there's also time to win yourself lifetime membership with our Design a Reward competition.