Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #170 - High Level Slayer Monsters

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] the Raptor has started his part-time job
[00:13] as a Slayer master this month and he's
[00:16] got some perilous assignments to give
[00:17] out let's catch up with monitors to find
[00:20] out more throughout the month of
[00:22] November the Raptor has become a
[00:23] temporary slack master
[00:25] he loves killing creatures and since
[00:27] we're bringing four new creatures into
[00:29] the world he thinks that you should go
[00:31] and take these on this week the Raptor
[00:33] is currently situated at mudskipper
[00:35] point throughout the following weeks
[00:37] he'll be closely situated to the
[00:39] entrances of the new creatures as they
[00:41] come out the Raptor has brought with him
[00:44] his prized possessions inside a chest
[00:46] the key seems to have gone missing
[00:48] though and he believes each of the four
[00:49] monsters has a piece of it if you manage
[00:52] to find all four parts of key you then
[00:55] have a chance of gaining some really
[00:57] good rewards the four Slayer creatures
[00:58] released this month have all been
[01:00] suggested on Moon lamps and the four
[01:03] best were chosen to be put in game
[01:04] you'll need 96 slayer to attack these
[01:06] creatures the living wyverns which have
[01:08] already come out this week are the
[01:10] living version of skeletal wyverns they
[01:12] live in the cold ice dungeons of Asgar
[01:15] Nia the ice dungeon is very cold you'd
[01:17] have to maintain a balance between warm
[01:19] and cold to get the best damage to these
[01:22] creatures they drop one key part towards
[01:25] the chests as well as a wyvern crossbow
[01:28] which is a level 85 tier weapon the next
[01:32] game update will release the Ripper
[01:34] demons
[01:34] these creatures are situated under the
[01:37] one piercing note Abby which is one of
[01:39] the requirements you'll need to enter
[01:40] the cave the Ripper demons are pure
[01:43] melee creatures and they'll use their
[01:45] claws to happen /iv upon death the
[01:47] rivers can drop the second part of the
[01:48] key which will go towards the chest they
[01:51] also have a chance of dropping a main
[01:53] hand or an offhand floor weapon this
[01:56] weapon is a tier 85 melee item the third
[02:00] week see the release of camel warriors
[02:02] these creatures are like centaurs put
[02:06] camels so I guess that would make them
[02:07] camels they can be found to the east of
[02:10] stop
[02:11] on a brand-new island that they've
[02:13] excavated they can attack you with a
[02:15] mixture of the combat triangle so either
[02:18] magic melee or ranged on death they have
[02:21] the possibility of dropping a third key
[02:23] part which will help towards the chest
[02:25] as well as a brand new camera staff
[02:27] which is a tier 85 weapon fourth and
[02:30] final monster to be released in November
[02:32] will be the Acheron mammoths
[02:34] they are located on an iceberg to the
[02:37] north of relic ur to access the iceberg
[02:39] you'll need to hop on a boat and head
[02:40] across the sea if you manage to kill one
[02:43] of the Acheron malice you'll have a
[02:44] chance of obtaining the fourth and final
[02:46] key part to get into the Raptors chest
[02:48] you'll also have a chance of obtaining a
[02:51] tertiary summoning ingredient which will
[02:55] go towards the baby mammoth beasts of
[02:57] burden familiar I believe the monsters
[02:59] were voted for because they all had
[03:02] interesting and different mechanics
[03:04] which hopefully we have captured for
[03:06] instance the living wyverns was a good
[03:09] example everyone loved the skeletal
[03:11] weapons and would like to see what they
[03:12] look like as a real-life creature as
[03:15] well as the Raptors chest and the
[03:17] individual weapons and familiar you'll
[03:20] gain from the creatures you also have a
[03:22] chance of obtaining a cosmetic override
[03:25] the first tier is your basic tier and
[03:27] then your secondary tier to get to the
[03:29] second tier
[03:30] you'll need to keep killing more
[03:32] creatures which we release as one people
[03:34] should come and kill these monsters
[03:35] because their new high-level creatures
[03:37] they will test your combat skills and
[03:39] they have some fantastic rewards we'll
[03:42] be back next week to look at more of
[03:43] runescape biggest updates