Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #16 - God Wars, The Art of War

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Behind the scenes
God Wars - The Art of War
[00:06] God Wars is perhaps the most dangerous place in all of RuneScape.
[00:09] It's a multicombat dungeon where men are real men, women are real women
[00:15] and RuneScape's Gods regularly send their angry hordes to fight each other to their inevitable and bloody deaths.
[00:22] After 5 years of intense battle, God Wars is set to see new animations,
[00:26] gameplay tweaks and some beautiful new environmental graphics.
[00:30] Behind the Scenes caught up with Mod's Hunter and OldBean to find out more.
[00:35] Every single NPC in the dungeon pretty much has been updated.
[00:38] We've got new animations, new models and it's all looking really cool.
[00:43] We get our inspirations from a lot of places.
[00:46] We try and keep it quite cinematic sometimes if we can so we'll look at films and television, things like that.
[00:51] A lot of it comes from nature and comes from the real world, the way that animals actually move.
[00:55] The God Swords look amazing now, they've all been reworked to actually look unique and not just a different hilt.
[01:01] Zamorak's is black with some red running up it. Armadyl's one is like a massive sword.
[01:07] Bandos's just looks like it would smash you and Saradomin's looks the closest to before but a lot more regal.
[01:14] I'm actually really proud of the Ogre animation - when he picks his belly button.
[01:19] We've been working to improve our tech as much as possible
[01:22] to increase the amount of detail we can put into our animations.
[01:25] So now we can start to put a lot more personality into our creatures.
[01:29] We've tried to make him a funny character as much as we can but still be a clubber and scary.
[01:34] The amount of facial control we've got now compared to before
[01:37] means that we can go for the whole spectrum of emotions and personalities and stuff like that.
[01:43] The main reason for the focus around Kril is he's the only one to get some mechanical upgrades.
[01:49] He'll now share his damage out between players who are adjacent to him instead of only focusing on the one player.
[01:55] Players can choose to share the damage between them
[01:57] so that one person is not using all of their food so it's easier for a team to last longer.
[02:02] The Aviansies posed a real challenge in that they're big humanoid creatures
[02:06] and they're human size but they've got these giant wings as well.
[02:09] That's not something which would physically be possible
[02:12] but we did a lot of research into how birds fly and that really informed our animation decisions
[02:19] on how to make a convincing yet exaggerated look.
[02:23] The drop rates for existing gear is exactly the same as before.
[02:27] All of the new drops are dropped in addition. Rates to the existing drops will not be affected at all.
[02:32] Gorak was one of the interesting NPCs to animate because he's not like anything existing out in the wild.
[02:38] Rather than looking at nature for how animals would normally move we had to look at the anatomy from the concept art,
[02:45] from the model and look at where the weight was and where the force would come from within the creature.
[02:51] Sometimes we do try to draw parallels between existing creatures.
[02:55] With the Gorak for example, we did notice that he had a kind of chicken-y vibe with a bit of rhino mixed in there.
[03:03] So we looked at chickens and how they walk around
[03:06] and then rhinos for how they sort of like, attack and thrust their weight forwards.
[03:10] It is for players who love God Wars and just want to get more out of it.
[03:14] And you can expect to see the all new God Wars arrive in RuneScape soon.
[03:19] Join us next week for another look Behind the Scenes of RuneScape.