Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #168 - Halloween, The Gauntlet of Souls

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Behind The Scenes

  1. 168: The Gauntlet of Souls

[00:11] We head down to the underworld this week to help our old friend Icthlarin escort souls safely to the afterlife,
[00:18] not sure if Amascut is going to be happy about that.
[00:22] Next week we’re releasing our Halloween event, the Gauntlet of Souls.
[00:26] So the idea for this event was pitched on RuneLabs by Cinder Quill.
[00:29] And over the last few months we’ve been working backwards and forwards with him
[00:32] to get an event that both we and him are really happy with.
[00:35] During the event players are going to have to help Icthlarin ferry souls across the bridge and into the afterlife.
[00:40] But Amascut is not going to let you do that.
[00:42] She’s brought her devourers along and she’s going to be causing all kinds of havoc in the underworld.
[00:46] The main characters involved in the event are obviously Icthlarin and Amascut.
[00:50] Icthlarin is the god of the underworld and Amascut is his sister sister who used to be the goddess of rebirth
[00:55] but has since became the devourer as she lost her mind.
[00:57] Other characters involved are: Death, who will give you a bit of information on the event at the entrance
[01:02] and also some new characters that you’ve not seen before and a few friendly faces as well.
[01:07] So one of the coolest parts about this event is that we’re going to be able to send you down in a boat onto the River Noumenon.
[01:12] When you’re in this boat you’ll be able to sail around collecting souls.
[01:16] As you’re collecting souls you might find that a bonus soul will pop up and the bonus soul will give you different XP.
[01:22] When you’re escorting your souls across the bridge you’ll have to fight a way through Amascut’s devourers.
[01:26] There’s a couple of different types.
[01:28] You’ll use combat to fight some or if you’re not into combat you can also use skilling (the divination skill in particular) to destroy the other ones.
[01:35] All you have to do is as you’re taking your souls across the bridge you have to fight them back to help your souls move up.
[01:41] At the top of the bridge you’ll find the gates to the underworld.
[01:44] As set points in the event the gates will open and Amascuts avatar will come out.
[01:48] Before you can take your souls through to the afterlife, everyone’s going to have to fight back the avatar.
[01:53] So some of you might remember Clawdia from the summer event and that was really really popular.
[01:58] And we wanted to do something very similar in the Halloween event, a big group community boss fight.
[02:02] But don’t worry we’ve made sure everyone can get involved, it’s not going to take into account all of your combat stats,
[02:08] you’re not going to have to be max combat, best gear, everyone can just go and take part.
[02:12] We’ve got a really cool range of rewards: we’ve got some grave stone overrides, a new death anim override,
[02:17] a really cool new pet and a herb burner which is a cool new way of training firemaking and herblore.
[02:22] The event entrance is going to be active at Burthorpe for two weeks starting on the 27th of October.
[02:28] Death is going to be there welcoming you and he’ll take you down through the right to the River Noumenon.
[02:33] So everyone should definitely come and try out this event.
[02:36] We’ve got some really awesome lore that Mod Ollie has been working on and putting in,
[02:39] we’ve been working with Cinder Quill to make sure it really hits those points for all of you lore hounds out there.
[02:45] And on top of that we’ve got some really cool events for you like the soul gathering, fighting the devourers and the boss fight.
[02:51] We really hope this event has got something for everybody so make sure you check it out for the two weeks that it’s around for.
[02:57] Mod Mark will be here next week for a sneaky peek into November's updates.
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