Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #167 - The Invasion of Falador & Falador Graphical Update

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] It's time to pick a side as the Black Knights take up arms against the White Knights.
[00:15] Mods Joe and Moltare are here to tell us what to expect in the Invasion of Falador.
[00:21] This project is really two projects in one.
[00:23] First of all it's an update of the existing Falador city and secondly we wanted to shake things up a bit
[00:28] so there's actually going to be a Black Knight invasion on the city.
[00:31] Falador's an area that we're all familiar with but we've wanted to update it for some time.
[00:35] And we felt it worked really well for the setting of the Black Knights and the White Knights fighting.
[00:40] Part of the rework wasn't just to make things look pretty
[00:43] but it's to make things future-proof and solid for the NXT engine
[00:46] which, as everyone knows, will be coming out later.
[00:49] We got some really cool concept art from the concept guys a few years ago
[00:53] where they reimagined Falador with much more Saradominist colours, whites and blues.
[00:59] We've tried to work that into the new designs of the buildings.
[01:01] Also there's several upgrades to the statue of Saradomin himself, which you find around the city.
[01:06] We've tried to stay true to the original layout of Falador
[01:09] so anyone who's already familiar with Falador will find that the layers of buildings haven't changed very much.
[01:14] Everything is very much where you'd expect it. It's just the graphics will be looking better.
[01:18] Alongside the graphical update to Falador, we're launching a two-week event called the Invasion of Falador.
[01:24] During the invasion, players should unofficially pick a side
[01:28] and weigh in helping to kill the other side's knights,
[01:30] heal friendly knights and sabotage the siege engines of the opposing side.
[01:34] Stories have surfaced once again of the Lost Banner of Raddalin,
[01:38] a massively powerful artefact of times gone by,
[01:41] and the Black Knights have invaded the city looking for any evidence that might lead them to find it.
[01:46] It's a bit of a street fight and siege going on at the same time.
[01:50] Each side has brought its own champions,
[01:52] massive fighters that step into the fray every now and again and take a lot of effort to bring down.
[01:57] They also commensurately give larger rewards.
[02:00] As you participate in the Invasion of Falador you'll earn commendations.
[02:04] Commendations can be put together for reward caches that can hold experience,
[02:09] resources or bits of the unique cosmetic Banner of Raddalin.
[02:13] This event will run for two weeks.
[02:15] At the end of it, since it's only a bit of fun really,
[02:18] it's not going to have a massive impact on the world going forward,
[02:21] but we are tracking how many Black Knights and White Knights are killed and healed
[02:25] and we will be taking that into account in the future.
[02:27] The new Falador looks absolutely excellent.
[02:30] Come on down, take part in the invasion
[02:32] and earn yourself some unique rewards in the process.
[02:35] It seems Amascut is causing problems in the underworld,
[02:38] so it looks like Icthlarin is going to need your help.
[02:41] Next week we find out more about this year's Halloween event, the Gauntlet of Souls.