Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #166 - Call of the Ancestors

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week we head deeper into the world of Mazcab to join three young Goebies
[00:16] on the epic quest Call of the Ancestors.
[00:20] What's that? Can you hear it?
[00:22] It sounds like the call of the ancestors!
[00:24] Next week Mazcab sees its first quest, Call of the Ancestors, in which you're going to help three goebies,
[00:29] Acca Kanatah and a secret guy who we can't tell you about just yet fight off the Airut forces.
[00:35] As Mazcab is a new area, we don't have any quests,
[00:37] so why not get to know the Goebies a bit better by giving them their own quest?
[00:41] Call of the Ancestors can be started from Tuska's back.
[00:44] You'll need to speak to an adventurous Goebie who'll lead you back to Mazcab and you'll go on an amazing adventure together.
[00:50] Some of the characters you're going to meet along the way are Tunks, Peck and Lunch,
[00:54] three loveable Goebies, each with their own unique abilities, which you're going to learn about and use to your advantage.
[01:00] Over the course of the quest you'll have to teach them how to use their individual skills,
[01:04] to help rebuild their village and discover some of the secrets of Mazcab.
[01:09] Tuska came long ago and took a big chunk out of their world and they haven't recovered since.
[01:14] The Airut have been sticking around and are oppressing the people.
[01:18] And now it's their time to rise up and fight back.
[01:21] My favourite part of working on this quest was seeing the Goebies come a bit more alive.
[01:25] As we started working with them, we knew that there were more and more stories we wanted to tell.
[01:29] There's part of their backstory we want to flesh out.
[01:32] Call of the Ancestors actually has no requirements. It's a novice quest. All you will need is membership.
[01:37] Even if you've never raided or visited Mazcab before, you can still complete it.
[01:42] Some of the rewards include some Goebie-inspired outfit overrides, a magic XP lamp,
[01:46] and some tokens you can use to re-roll the loot in the Liberation of Mazcab raid.
[01:50] At RuneFest we announced that we're going to be revisiting Mazcab with a second raids update
[01:54] so this isn't the last we're going to see of the Goebies.
[01:57] Call of the Ancestors is a nice break from all that serious stuff.
[02:02] We've dealt with a lot of Vampyres. We've dealt with a lot of gods.
[02:06] Let's just have a nice fun little break together.
[02:12] Make sure your swords are ready, as next week we prepare for war as the Black Knights begin their siege of Falador.