Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #165 - Goebies, Halloween, Virtual Levelling & Pet of Seasons

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Looks like Mod Mark managed to find time in his hectic schedule to talk us through October's updates.
[00:17] Let's do this, scapers!
[00:19] Anyone who's travelled to Mazcab will be familiar with the Goebies and their plight.
[00:25] The Airut are destroying their homes.
[00:27] Everywhere they go, everywhere they look, there's death and unhappiness.
[00:32] Acca Kanatah wants to change all that and will call on you to shore up his village's defences.
[00:38] But it's from these humble seeds that something grander grows.
[00:43] You'll be partnered on an eventful journey by three young goebies, Tunks, Peck and Lunch,
[00:49] who will learn to defend themselves in crazy ways and become heroes on the path to the secret of Mazcab.
[00:56] For decades, the Black Knights have hated the White Knights for their wealth, resources and arrogance.
[01:02] And for poking their snooty noses where it's not wanted.
[01:05] But the Black Knights have spotted a weakness.
[01:08] The White Knights believe that nobody can breach their magnificent castle's defences.
[01:14] For two weeks in October, the Black Knights will prove them wrong
[01:17] by laying siege to the once-peaceful city of Falador.
[01:22] Fight for either side, or both if you fancy, taking down champions,
[01:26] demolishing catapults, popping balloons and caring for the sick and wounded.
[01:31] By doing so, you'll gain valuable XP and fill your pockets with commendations.
[01:37] And that's just the half of it.
[01:39] A treasure hunt will take you across Falador in search of the fabled Banner of Raddallin,
[01:44] while Falador archaeologists will have unearthed a mysterious chest in Falador Park.
[01:50] All of this comes lovingly packaged in an amazing graphical rework
[01:55] that brings an extra sheen to the pearly whites of Falador.
[02:00] This month we'll release Virtual Levelling,
[02:03] which will be an opt-in mode to visually display your levels out of 120 rather than 99.
[02:08] There are no gameplay benefits to this. Just a little extra joy when progressing past 99,
[02:14] with cosmetic changes to the skill interface for those who want them,
[02:17] giving players the choice of icons or even a trim to show off their skills.
[02:22] Far beneath Gielinor lies the Underworld.
[02:26] It's here that Icthlarin guides the dead across the River Noumenon and onto a peaceful afterlife.
[02:32] A pretty big obstacle has landed in Icthlarin's way however, in the form of his sister, the god Amascut.
[02:39] Icthlarin will desperately need your help,
[02:41] fending off devourer beasts with your combat or with your skills in Divination.
[02:46] It's here that the biggest trial awaits: the Avatar of Amascut.
[02:51] Defeat her together and the way will be free for the souls to move on to the next life, whatever that may be.
[02:57] In other news, we bring you the adorable Pet of Seasons.
[03:01] As with the Crown or Cape of Seasons, you'll gain small components while skilling or from Treasure Hunter.
[03:06] Gain enough of them and you'll unlock individual Sprout pets.
[03:10] And combine them together to form the incredibly cute, tradeable and sought-after Pet of Seasons,
[03:15] which will change according to the time of the year.
[03:17] Have fun. Wooters out.
[03:20] Don't forget it's RuneFest tomorrow.
[03:23] Or today. Or even yesterday, depending when you're watching this.
[03:27] But if the 3rd of October hasn't passed you by, then make sure you head over to Twitch to follow all of the day's activities.