Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #164 - DarkScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 164: DarkScape

[00:11] With almost one million deaths in the first twenty four hours,
[00:15] DarkScape has really uncovered your homicidal tendencies.
[00:19] This week Mod Conor is here with all the details.
[00:23] Last week we released DarkScape. It’s a PvP version of RuneScape.
[00:27] We’ve taken the existing RuneScape game,
[00:29] we’ve applied a couple of rule changes on top of it,
[00:32] we’ve opened up PvP across the whole world,
[00:35] we’ve introduced three areas into the game, a low risk area, a medium risk area and a high risk area.
[00:41] Each of those has their own Grand Exchange which is completely separate and their own bank,
[00:45] so we’re trying to see if we can stimulate economic trade in a really really dangerous world
[00:49] along with all the content we’ve been building for the past fifteen years.
[00:52] In the low risk area we have wilderness bandings
[00:55] to reduce your risk from players who have a higher combat level
[00:58] and to also stop you from going after those low level players who have just started.
[01:02] If you’re a skulled player and you go into a town we have difficult guards
[01:06] who will hunt you down and stop you from taking out any more players.
[01:10] In the mid risk area we removed the bandings
[01:12] so now you have guards patrolling inside the towns,
[01:15] but when you leave those towns it’s a free for all, anybody can attack you anywhere.
[01:19] You’re always at risk in those areas
[01:21] but at least you can do your banking and your trading at relative safety.
[01:25] In the high risk area, anything goes. There are no rules, there are no bandings, there are no guards.
[01:30] So when you’re in a high risk area you need to be careful, but that’s where the highest value items are.
[01:35] We’ve shifted all of the resources in the world around.
[01:37] There are certain benefits to being a RuneScape member while playing DarkScape.
[01:41] DarkScape is free to play for everybody.
[01:43] All the content is open, everything’s available and we have as many free players as we have members.
[01:47] But if you are a member you do get fifty per cent extra XP while you’re playing.
[01:51] You have more bank space, and you get to protect more items on death.
[01:56] DarkScape was kept a secret because partly we wanted to deliver it fast
[02:00] and we didn’t really have a ramp up time to try and tell everybody about it.
[02:04] On the other hand, we wanted to surprise players.
[02:06] We wanted to see what people would do on day one
[02:08] without having a whole load of hype building up around it.
[02:11] DarkScape is going to have its own updates.
[02:13] It’s going to be developed in ways that suit its play style,
[02:16] and we’ll be trying to do it as fast as possible to address anything that people are seeing in the game
[02:20] or to try to support or encourage certain behaviours that we’re starting to see players do.
[02:24] You should play DarkScape because it’s a really interesting place to be right now.
[02:28] It’s scary, it’s exciting and it’s just a different experience than you’ll get in most other MMO’s.
[02:33] You can try the game, it’s free, you can see what other players are doing
[02:37] and you can just explore the entire world of Gielinor…
[02:40] Athough you’ll probably die a few times but you’ll have fun doing it.
[02:44] Whilst Mod Mark is busy preparing for RuneFest,
[02:47] Mod Osborne will be here next week with a sneaky peak into October’s updates.
[02:51] And if you haven’t already, do not forget to check out DarkScape.