Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #163 - Elf City Waterfall Fishing and Double XP Weekend Tips!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Mod Liam's here this week as we take one final look at the Elf City Waterfall.
[00:16] And, as the Double XP Weekend is almost upon us, we've gone searching for some of the best tips and tricks.
[00:24] Next week is the Waterfall Fishing update.
[00:26] This was submitted to RuneLabs and won a player poll. Submitted by Ferenc2017.
[00:32] Players wanted a high-level Fishing XP rate and a different experience to get that.
[00:37] And we've delivered it.
[00:39] To get to the waterfall you need to be able to access the Elf City.
[00:42] You'll also need 90 Agility, Ranged and Strength to negotiate the shortcut up to the top.
[00:48] That includes a mithril grapple, so make sure you've got the stuff to do that.
[00:51] And there's a hidey hole around, so you might want to take the building materials for that as well.
[00:56] Players will be able to catch urchins from the waterfall, crystallised urchins, because there's been an environmental catastrophe in the Elf City.
[01:02] When they rebuilt the city, a lot of the crystal they used to grow new buildings and such got into the pool
[01:08] and turned the normally fleshy and benign urchins that lived there
[01:13] into rapidly breeding and growing crystal urchins that are threatening to tumble out of the pool
[01:19] and just crush things through the power of gravity.
[01:23] You can start catching the small urchins at 93.
[01:25] Once you get to 95 Fishing, you'll be able to move onto the next platform and catch medium-sized ones.
[01:30] And when you get to 97 Fishing, that's when you move up to the third platform and start fishing the really big urchins.
[01:36] Ongoing rewards that you can get are perfect juju fishing potions.
[01:41] You can grind the urchins down into Harmony Dust
[01:45] and that can be then used with other ingredients to create a perfect fishing potion
[01:50] which will obviously increase your performance wherever you fish.
[01:53] You can also get hold of the ability to make a crystal fishing rod from crystal tool seeds.
[01:59] And then there is a rare chance of fishing out of the pool a rare Hermit Crab pet.
[02:04] And then there is a bunch of cosmetic shells for the Hermit Crab.
[02:07] There is also the 'Master Fisher' title which you can buy from the reward shop.
[02:11] And then you can get a Fishing XP lamp for any leftover urchins you might have from the reward shop as well.
[02:17] I think people will come and fish at this waterfall mainly for the great XP rates.
[02:21] There is also the chance to get the cosmetic Hermit Crab pet
[02:24] and a load of other fishing bonuses that you'll be able to get out of this piece of content and take to other fishing content
[02:30] like the living rock caverns and things like that.
[02:33] From Friday the 25th of September we'll be running a Double XP Weekend.
[02:37] And I know what you're thinking. How do I make sure I'm getting the most out of the time?
[02:41] Well, if you follow these helpful hints, you'll be reaching those 99's before you know it.
[02:45] Some D&Ds and minigames stack with double XP, so it's worth checking out the Big Chinchompa,
[02:50] Evil Tree, Fishing Trawler and Pyramid Plunder minigames.
[02:54] Make sure your Dungeoneering prestige level is as high as possible and leave the higher floors for the weekend.
[02:58] Keep checking Managing Miscellania before the weekend, as it's a great source of skill resources.
[03:03] The Voice of Seren in the Elf City stacks with double XP, so make sure you follow it as it moves quickly from family to family.
[03:10] Don't cap your citadel until XP Weekend. Equally, don't harvest your farming plots until it starts.
[03:16] There is a very good chance of winning both protean packs and portable banks during the raffle.
[03:19] Both stack with or help during Double XP Weekend.
[03:22] Don't forget to stock up on your charms, herbs and other resources ready for the weekend.
[03:26] Don't forget you can make a killing by selling it all at the weekend too.
[03:29] So those are our top tips for the Double XP Weekend.
[03:32] If you've got your own tips that you want to share, then check out our post on the forums.
[03:35] Here you can share your own tips as well as pick up ones from other players.
[03:40] This week saw the surprise release of DarkScape
[03:43] so next week we'll be finding out more about this new dark twist.