Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #162 - Lord of Vampyrium

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] We're heading to the heart of Morytania this week
[00:14] as we take a look at the new Myreque quest, The Lord of Vampyirium.
[00:18] Funny story, I knew a vampire once. A real pain in the neck.
[00:22] Next week we'll be releasing the next instalment of the Myreque series, which we're calling The Lord of Vampyirium.
[00:28] And, as players might remember, it won the poll at the end of last year.
[00:31] Coming off the back of The Branches of Darkmeyer, the Myreque have struck a blow against the vampire nation
[00:38] and they've gained access to blisterwood weapons.
[00:40] This has got the attention of Lord Drakan himself who, although he hasn't been seen in public for many years, is returning.
[00:48] Lord Drakan is the de facto leader of the entirety of the vampire race.
[00:51] He used to be one of Zaros' main generals but, when Zamorak betrayed him,
[00:56] Drakan sided with Zamorak, and in return he got the entirety of Morytania.
[01:02] Lord Drakarn is also Vanescula's older brother.
[01:05] Vanescula is the female vampire leader who works with the Myreque in the previous quest.
[01:10] As players will remember, Vanescula is a bit of an enigma.
[01:14] We're not quite sure if she's working with the Myreque for her own gains or if she truly is helping them for themselves.
[01:21] Because Lord Drakan hasn't been seen in game before, we wanted to get players a bit more familiar with him before the quest came out.
[01:27] So, if you're interested, you might want to check out Mod William's Lores & Histories on the website.
[01:32] Whilst Lord Drakan is one of the main characters focused on in this quest, we'll also be exploring more of Safalaan's backstory.
[01:39] And especially we'll be finding out where he went at the end of Branches of Darkmeyer.
[01:43] One of the things we wanted to ensure that we did with this quest is to capture the essence of the previous quests in the series.
[01:50] So, you'll find that it's suitably dark and foreboding,
[01:53] that the sorts of things that the player is asked to do are questionable at times
[01:57] and that there's a continuing sense of dread.
[02:00] As part of this quest and as mentioned in the poll at the end of last year, Castle Drakan is going to be opened up a little bit.
[02:07] The players will begin to be able to explore it.
[02:09] When we decided that we wanted to go back to Drakan Tower for this project,
[02:13] we had a rethink about how the quest would flow
[02:16] and where there would be a confrontation with Lord Drakan.
[02:19] And we decided to reimagine the tower as one single tower rather than three smaller ones.
[02:24] It means that we've been able to go for quite a large-scale tower
[02:29] which we think everyone will really enjoy seeing the top of.
[02:33] For this project we wanted to try a slightly new approach for how we develop our skyboxes.
[02:38] So when you go to the top of Drakan Tower, you will actually be able to see further out into the whole region
[02:44] and get an impression of how high you are above the ground.
[02:48] When we were working on the project we realised that we wanted to involve Myreque characters quite heavily.
[02:54] And we had a look at the graphics for them and felt that we could do a better job.
[02:58] We requested some new concept art for how they could look,
[03:00] to try and give them a bit more personality and make them a bit more individual.
[03:04] And one of the things we did actually last month was we pushed the character update out live.
[03:09] We got some good feedback from players on the forum
[03:13] and we've actually addressed some of that feedback.
[03:15] And that will be live alongside the quest.
[03:18] One of the other new things that you'll see in this quest is a brand new puzzle mechanic.
[03:22] They start off very quite easy, but they will basically ramp up difficulty as you go further through the quest.
[03:29] This has been a particularly challenging quest to design, partly because of the legacy of this series.
[03:36] Mod Ana and Mod Titan have done such a good job in the past that we really had to work hard to follow up on that legacy.
[03:43] To play Lord of Vampyirum players will need to have completed Branches of Darkmeyer.
[03:47] In terms of skill requirements they'll also need 79 Construction, 78 Slayer, 76 Hunter,
[03:53] and 75 in Attack, Strength, Defence, and Constitution.
[03:57] In terms of rewards we've tried to keep parity with Branches of Darkmeyer, so you'll see a number of parallels.
[04:03] For instance, we've got some new blisterwood weapons which will fill out the combat styles.
[04:08] We have a cosmetic reward, we have a couple of titles and of course plenty of XP.
[04:13] Anyone who wants to find out more about the history of the vampires, more about vampire motivation,
[04:18] and anyone who wants a really good combat challenge should play this quest.
[04:25] We're looking forward to a double whammy next week.
[04:27] Elf City waterfall fishing and helpful tips to make the most of September's double XP weekend.