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Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #161 - RuneFest 2015!

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  1. 161: RUNEFEST 2015

[00:11] RuneFest is less than a month away and things are getting pretty busy in the office.
[00:16] But if you haven't managed to get a ticket, never fear
[00:19] because the JMods are here with details on how you can still get involved.
[00:25] On October 3rd it's finally here. The day we've been working towards. It's RuneFest 2015.
[00:39] We'll be getting scapers in from all over the world to Tobacco Dock London.
[00:42] And we'll be streaming the whole thing live for you on the 3rd of October.
[00:47] If you've not got a ticket, you can still be a part of RuneFest. The whole of RuneFest will be completely livestreamed.
[00:52] That means you'll get to see all of the main stage sessions as they happen
[00:55] and we'll be talking to the individual presenters in between each of those sessions.
[00:58] Also, the second stage will be filmed, so you'll get to watch those later on in the day.
[01:03] We're doing it slightly different. We want to go bigger, we want to go better this year.
[01:07] This means for us we have to change around the layout a little bit and go to the opposite side of the whole venue,
[01:13] which gives us a lot of more different opportunities and possibilities.
[01:17] Last year we had the Elf City theme and dressed everything in that manner
[01:22] and this year we actually have two different themes.
[01:25] Upstairs will fully focus on the invention theme.
[01:29] So think steampunk, think Victorian, think mechanical.
[01:32] All those kinds of things, as you can see the fantastic RuneFest logo.
[01:36] And downstairs we are focusing on the vampire theme.
[01:41] So expect coffins, dungeons, a dark dingy sultry location.
[01:48] You guys told us at last RuneFest that you wanted more spoilers, more reveals,
[01:51] so we're going to focus more on future content.
[01:53] We're going to get NXT, Invention, Chronicle and of course there's a big session
[01:58] that Mod Mark will be hosting about updates for 2016.
[02:02] But for many of you, the big standout session will be the Golden Gnomes.
[02:06] The RuneScape equivalent of the Oscars.
[02:08] Think red carpets, think celebrity Jmods giving out awards
[02:11] and think a whole host of awards for everything from art to cosplay,
[02:15] to videomaking, to streaming, to community champions.
[02:19] Check out the RuneFest website for more information
[02:21] and submit your nominations to [email protected]
[02:25] The stuff that really gets me going is the special stuff.
[02:28] We've got Oculus Rift there and we're going to take you on a ride through a number of our greatest updates.
[02:33] And we've got Oldschool Dead Man Mode if you fancy doing some player killing.
[02:36] It's important you not only see great stuff but that you get to play it as well
[02:39] and this year we have 10 PCs all hooked up with RuneScape NXT.
[02:42] You're going to be exploring RuneScape in a completely new client and with beautiful new graphics.
[02:47] Don't forget you don't have to be at RuneFest to get the best parts of it.
[02:50] All of those great main stage sessions, they're all going to be completely viewable via livestream on the day.
[02:56] The stream will start at 9am game time on the day and will run throughout.
[02:59] So make sure you tune in and see RuneFest 2015.
[03:03] This year we want RuneFest to be as much about the people watching at home as the people at the event itself,
[03:07] so we're making the stream even bigger and better than ever before.
[03:11] We've got competitions on stream.
[03:12] We'll be having Matt and Darren back to present RuneFest this year.
[03:15] And we'll also be doing a lot of cool things that you might not expect
[03:19] that hopefully will come as a bit of a surprise to you guys at home.
[03:22] If you'd like to submit something for the Golden Gnome Awards,
[03:25] check out this newspost to find out how to take part
[03:28] but remember nominations close on the 20th, so get them in quick.
[03:33] Next week we're on the dev floor catching up with the Guardians
[03:37] to find out more about the new Myreque quest: The Lord of Vampyrium.