Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #160 - September updates coming to RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] With Mod Mark off adventuring this week, we've got Mod Osborne here with all of the details on September's updates.
[00:18] Over to you, Osborne!
[00:21] Like a good book, September has villains in The Lord of Vampyrium, fantastic locations in Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing,
[00:27] and a terrific ending in the form of the Double XP Weekend on the 25th.
[00:31] With Balthazar's Raffle running throughout, you won't be able to put RuneScape down.
[00:35] Every day in September, Balthazar will be asking you to roll up, roll up and take part in his raffle.
[00:41] He'll offer one ticket a day from his tent near Burthorpe lodestone, so make sure you visit him from the 1st of September.
[00:47] He'll also throw in an additional ticket if you complete one of two tasks:
[00:51] a daily challenge or find his star act, Gilly Willikers the clown, who's gone missing
[00:56] and could be tumbling anywhere near the lodestones of RuneScape.
[00:59] The choice is yours.
[01:01] Enter your tickets on the day you get them or save them up for a killer prize that you wouldn't dare miss.
[01:06] There's a different prize each day and they continue to rotate throughout the month.
[01:09] We're expecting people to go crazy for the golden Barrows armour as they simply Dha-rock.
[01:14] Can you believe it's been nine whole years since Castle Drakan was first added to the game.
[01:19] And this month's master quest, The Lord of Vampyrium, opens the gates and beckons you inside.
[01:24] The story starts with something that has not happened for centuries: Lord Drakan has shown his face in public.
[01:30] There is no clue to what he wants or why he has chosen this moment, but the Myreque don't care.
[01:35] This is a gilt-edged opportunity and they will grab onto it with everything they have.
[01:39] Take your place at the head of the Myreque, break them into Darkmeyer, and bring an end to his reign.
[01:44] There's no turning away now. It's time to kill or be killed.
[01:47] You would be hard-pressed to find a quest as dark, desperate, and intense as The Lord of Vampyrium. And we think you'll go batty for it.
[01:54] Personally, I'm looking forward to counting the gravestones outside of Castle Drakan on day one.
[01:58] Ferenc2017's RuneLabs idea, Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing, makes a splash this month. And it couldn't be more serene and laid-back.
[02:05] Between the Meilyr and Crwys clans in the Elf City, you will be able to clamber up the sides of a waterfall to a secret fishing spot.
[02:12] Once there, you'll be able to kick back and fish crystal urchins to your heart's content.
[02:16] This is a low-effort activity, similar to the Seren Stones,
[02:19] exchanging a slight reduction in XP for a less intensive fishing experience.
[02:24] And we might even throw in the odd distraction, like a giant urchin, geyser, or leaping urchins.
[02:29] Of course for many of you, September will be all about Double XP Weekend on the 25th of September.
[02:34] That gives you a whole month to get prepared, horde resources, and aim for serious gains.
[02:40] We'll even finetune the updates and promotions to aid you on that path.
[02:43] For example, Balthazar's Raffle offers bonus XP stars for every losing ticket
[02:47] and protean packs and portable banks as prizes.
[02:50] Waterfall Fishing is prime Double XP fodder.
[02:53] And there is the small topic of a Time to Train promotion which, if you remember it, is dead simple.
[02:59] Everything in Treasure Hunter becomes prismatic XP and XP-accelerating items.
[03:04] It's just the ticket for power-levellers over Double XP Weekend.
[03:07] And we'll also be upping the number of keepsake slots to 50,
[03:10] which might be of benefit when you see the bleakly beautiful items that Lord of Vampyrium has to offer.
[03:15] And finally, 7th September signals the start of the 2015 Clan Cup.
[03:20] This is your clan's chance to prove their skill and we have amazing prizes up for grabs.
[03:25] The Bossing Cup tosses out weekly boss challenges that would make the average player weep,
[03:29] while we're expecting the PvP Cup to be a bloodbath.
[03:33] The Raids Cup steps it up even further, while the Skilling Cup has a different flavour entirely,
[03:38] testing your clan's ability to gain XP within a single session.
[03:41] Make sure you get your registrations in before 4th September
[03:45] if you and your clan want to start handing out family-sized cans of whoop-ass.
[03:49] It may be the end of the summer and another year at university and school,
[03:52] but we think you'll agree that there's plenty to look forward to in this super-duper September.
[03:58] Never fear. Behind the Scenes will return next week with more of the biggest news.
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