Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #15 - Al Kharid, Rebuilding a City

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Behind the Scenes - All new Al Kharid
[00:05] Al Kharid is about to get the makeover of all makeovers and so this week,
[00:10] RuneScape Art Manager Mod Engstrom takes us
behind the scenes for an in depth look
[00:15] at the new Al Kharid and to meet
his trusty team of artists,
[00:18] modellers and animators making it all happen.
[00:21] We're very excited about the updates to Al Kharid.
[00:24] It's been a very popular area
internally and with the players,
[00:27] we are really looking forward to updating it.
[00:30] We've based a lot of the City
around existing real World architecture
[00:35] to give that air of realism
and immersion for the players,
[00:39] and this really comes across with
all the hard work we've put into that.
[00:41] Initially we meet with designers
and curators of an area
[00:44] to get then an idea of the look
and the feel they're after,
[00:47] and then the results of the meetings are then passed over to Mod Piso and his team of concept artists.
[00:51] The concept art department is the place in the graphic team,
[00:54] where we decide on the style on the
specific quest or specific part of the game.
[01:00] It's the place where all
the pieces come together in a way.
[01:03] The feeling we wanted to convey when
re-designing Al Kharid, it was that
of a dynamic City full of people.
[01:12] We wanted to give a feeling of
uncertainty, some kind of menace lingering.
[01:17] We tried to achieve this feeling by choosing a specific coloured palette, mostly reds.
[01:23] The concept art team took about
a month I think we produced
[01:28] more than one hundred pieces
of concept art for this place.
[01:31] After Mod Piso and his team have finished the concept art,
[01:34] it gets then passed over to Mod Stead in the Environment Team Mod Alec in the Character Modelling Team
[01:39] for them to work their magic and actually bring these models to life.
[01:41] Character modeller is responsible for taking the concept art
[01:44] and producing the in-game
characters that you see.
[01:47] We also do the inventory
models things like weapons,
[01:50] and generally we help animation with
bells and things that's on the characters.
[01:55] It's still the same Al Kharid
that everyone knows and loves,
[01:58] we just sort of gone in added a lot more flavour to the area and made it look a lot more exciting.
[02:03] Hopefully players should hopefully be able to recognise their favourite shops from the themes that we've put in there.
[02:08] Usually when we're creating something
like a human NPC like these characters here,
[02:13] it would take about 2 days and we allow another 6 hours to create the chat head.
[02:17] The way players used to get from Lumbridge to Al-Kharid was just through a fence
[02:21] and they would just jump over.
[02:23] So we wanted to work in a bit more of a natural blend with a cliff,
[02:26] which allows players to walk through canyons making it a little more atmospheric.
[02:30] In the past we kind of stuck to the
sort of generic shaped character
[02:34] where everybody is based on the same geometry,
[02:37] and we're really trying to push that to
get all shapes and sizes and figures
into the game now.
[02:41] Once we've created our models we stick them into our map editor, which is like a World builder
[02:47] from there we can flesh out the environment build buildings and kits and get a feel for it,
[02:51] then we can go backwards and forwards and
just tweak things to make sure they look
as good as possible.
[02:56] After the modelling has finished the assets
then get passed over to the Animations team,
headed up by Mod Paul B.
[03:03] Our day-to-day work is basically is to take the models
[03:07] that the character modellers create
and breathe life into them really.
[03:10] We look at the characters, we work
out what kind of personality they have,
[03:14] we read the back story on those characters
and how they generally fit into the project
we're working on.
[03:20] We've also tried to push the animation
considerably in the cut-scene areas of
content within Al-Kharid.
[03:27] Not only do you see characters in-situ
in the town interacting with the player,
[03:32] but there is a various storyline arcs that the player has described to them
[03:36] via a more cinematic elements in the cut-scene.
[03:39] And we're really trying to take cues
from film and from television
[03:44] to really push the camera angles to really
evoke emotion within those cut-scenes now.
[03:48] Once the animations have been finished and all the models have been created
[03:52] they are then passed back over to the content developers,
[03:56] where they plug them in and test them making sure they look and behave how they expect them to be.
[04:00] We gather feedback to make sure everyone is happy with it.
[04:03] Once everyone is happy with it and it is bug free, it gets released into the full game.
[04:06] I'm really proud of the hard work that the entire team has put into the area,
[04:10] it looks absolutely fantastic.
[04:12] We've got a great quest lined up
that will make full use of the area,
[04:15] and we're really excited that in the future
we'll be giving many more areas this level
of polish and level of update.
[04:20] And if you like the look of the all new Al Kharid and want to see more Behind the Scenes videos,
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[04:28] Next week... God Wars!