Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #159 - The Light Within

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] We have a whole host of J Mods here this week with as many details as they can give
[00:16] about the new Seren Quest coming in two weeks, 'The Light Within'.
[00:20] But watch out because someone in the office doesn't want any spoilers.
[00:26] It was an idea that came from RuneLabs, a suggester called Gaga Lady,
[00:29] and it's a quest all about bringing the goddess of the elves, Seren, back.
[00:33] For those that may not know, the reason we've got to bring Seren back
[00:36] is because thousands of years ago Guthix set up his Edicts, banishing the gods,
[00:40] and rather than leave the elves, Seren chose to shatter herself into thousands of pieces
[00:44] so that she could stay with them rather than being banished.
[00:47] In this quest there are quite a lot of decisions the player can make,
[00:51] some of which are small niche changes to the chat and how your character perceives the events
[00:57] and others are quite a lot larger and a lot more involving the storyline.
[01:01] As well as revisiting a number of sights within the Elven City itself, you'll also be visiting Tarddiad.
[01:07] Tarddiad is the home world of the elves. It's where they first met Seren. It's where they first started worshipping her as a goddess.
[01:13] Ages ago, Guthix came to the world,
[01:15] he met Seren, the pair of them formed a deep friendship, and he invited her to bring her elves to Gielinor.
[01:21] Obviously, since Seren is a goddess of crystals, crystals played a big part in the inspiration for the design of Tarddiad.
[01:27] As the Elves are quite an arboreal people, there's also a lot of trees and a quite natural wilderness area.
[01:33] Even though the Elves left Tarddiad ages ago, there are still some creatures that survived there.
[01:38] They are part organic and part crystal and you'll be able to fight them as a Slayer task after the quest is complete.
[01:44] There is combat involved in this quest, though not on the same scale as previous grandmasters like Fate of the Gods.
[01:49] However, how much combat kind of comes down to the choices you make.
[01:54] Later on in the quest there will also be a surprise appearance from...
[02:01] So we're redesigning Seren.
[02:03] One of the challenges here is Seren is neither a human, she's not an elf, she's kind of a crystal being, she's a god, so...
[02:08] Obviously I could do some crazy stuff with crystals and things like that but no one would know what they're looking at.
[02:13] Seren needs to be relatable but at the same time she needs to be something you've never really seen before.
[02:19] She's ethereal, she's vague, she's also a very important character
[02:23] so everything about her has to be very ornate, very decorative.
[02:27] With all these things considered, they kind of add up to make this thing you've never really seen before.
[02:32] So, we're going to show you the new look of Seren.
[02:40] After completing the quest, the main unlock that you will gain is the new Seren spells.
[02:44] These comprise of fourteen different spells ranging from Aurora, Prism and Skilling.
[02:50] Two examples of these are the Shield Dome and the Prism of Salvation.
[02:55] Shield Dome will allow you to cast a shield around you
[02:58] which will allow other players to reduce the damage that they receive.
[03:02] And the Prism of Salvation will allow you to escape straight to a Prism.
[03:06] In addition to spells, there will also be a number of prayers unlocked at the end of the quest.
[03:10] These will be set up along the same lines of some combat prayers and some skilling prayers.
[03:16] Two good examples of this would be Soul Link and...
[03:23] Aside from spells and prayers, you'll get a bunch of XP lamps and access to Tarddiad.
[03:28] But of course what you really want to know are the runes for the spells...
[03:39] What makes this quest really unique is that we're trying to involve a lot of globetrotting.
[03:43] It's also less handholdy because it's a grandmaster quest.
[03:45] And it's also really character-driven, so it involves a lot of really important characters of RuneScape lore.
[03:50] You go to another planet. That's not something you do in every quest.
[03:53] And then there's also spells and prayers as a reward, which is actually a really big deal for a RuneScape quest.
[03:58] To take part in this quest you'll need to have completed quests such as Fate of the Gods,
[04:02] The World Wakes, Meeting History and Plague's End, obviously, so that you've got access to Prifddinas.
[04:07] You'll also have to have Divination, Agility, Crafting,
[04:10] Herblore, Prayer, Slayer and Woodcutting, all at level 80.
[04:15] I'm going to tell you a bit of a secret.
[04:16] We actually have the Meeting History requirement because you use the enchanted key
[04:19] and you're going to use it to go back in time and meet...
[04:45] No spoilers!
[04:48] And Mod Luna's back next week for another round of RuneLabs.