Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #158 - Ninja Spotlight & Faction PvP Tool

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week, Mod Jon is here to tell us all about the new faction PvP tool.
[00:16] But first let's find out what those stealthy ninjas are getting up to.
[00:21] The ninja team has been working tirelessly for the last couple of weeks making sure we get all of the players suggestions,
[00:25] going through RuneLabs, Reddit, just getting all the big projects, big ideas that the players have been looking for.
[00:30] What we're currently working on is a Fist of Guthix spotlight. We're looking at improving the Grand Exchange interface even further.
[00:36] There's a centralized toggle system. And also we're adding multiple action bars.
[00:39] The reason that the ninja team is looking at a spotlight for the Fist of Guthix is that we feel that it's really lacklustre in terms of its rewards and its mechanics.
[00:46] It's coming up in the minigame spotlight system and we feel that, with just a few tweaks,
[00:49] just changing the mechanics and updating the rewards, it could be really popular again and be awesome.
[00:54] The major changes that players are going to be noticing the most
[00:57] is the reduction of the amount of players that are needed to start the minigame.
[01:02] That's been reduced from 8 players to just 4 players.
[01:05] A lot of healing abilities and healing items have been prevented from being used in the minigame,
[01:10] as well as gauntlets and coifs.
[01:13] They've been taken out from the store. Their degrade mechanic has been removed.
[01:17] Gauntlets have been put on monster drops and coifs,
[01:20] you'll be able to make them via crafting just like any other dragonhide armour.
[01:24] It just makes the minigame that much more fun and that much more rewarding for everyone.
[01:28] The centralized toggle menu is an area where we've brought together lots of different toggle options and menu options
[01:34] for gameplay that could be scattered around the world and we put them together in one easy and convenient location.
[01:40] You can find this in the gameplay settings, if you go to the escape menu and to gameplay. We've got all of your options in there now.
[01:47] At the moment in the toggle menu there are lots of options which are a real hassle to get to.
[01:51] One example is Death's store.
[01:52] You have to go all the way to Draynor village to go and change some menu options.
[01:56] Instead you can just go to this menu and change it on the fly.
[02:00] The ninja team have an awesome raft of ninja fixes, projects and updates coming to you soon.
[02:04] We have first of all the multiple action bars update, where you have more than one action bar available on screen at one time.
[02:09] You are able to apply different keybinds to them, click any of them, have any abilities or items or as many as you want.
[02:14] We have improvements to the Grand Exchange interface. So you're able to add the sets tab, have the money pouch in there as well.
[02:20] We're also changing hydrix, which no longer degrades to dust, it will degrade to broken, which will be a huge win for players so they don't lose it accidentally in combat.
[02:27] And lastly we have the god books improvements. So not only will you be able to wear them in your pocket slots with some passive stats.
[02:33] There's also going to be a new awesome special effect that can happen during combat that I'm going to keep secret.
[02:38] The faction PvP tool can be used pretty much anywhere on the surface world. This means we could kind of use it in any city.
[02:44] I'd really love to see it in Ardougne, for example.
[02:46] Two flags will appear, one for each faction that's taking part in the conflict,
[02:51] and players can choose to sign up for one of those factions.
[02:54] There aren't any requirements to take part, so you can just go there, click on the banner and start fighting for your faction.
[02:59] We've got loads of exciting ways of using this tool. We're looking at tournaments,
[03:03] livestreams, in-game events, or even adding new factions to pitch Jmods against Jmods.
[03:09] Imagine a Mod Osbourne versus Mod Luna. I'd love to see that.
[03:12] Keep an eye out on the forums and on the newsposts that we release to find out more about when these events are going to happen.
[03:19] Join us next week to find out more on the eagerly awaited Seren quest.
[03:24] If Mod Raven allows us, that is.