Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #157 - The Month Ahead: August

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week we're taking a look at the new grandmaster quest The Light Within
[00:15] as well as a whole host of other updates coming to RuneScape this August.
[00:19] Here's Mod Mark with all the details.
[00:23] Our main update this month is "The Light Within", a brand new grandmaster quest
[00:29] with requirements and rewards to suit the greatest of players.
[00:33] In it, you'll be working with the elf clans to rebuild Seren to her former glory, piecing together shards,
[00:39] revisiting Freneskae and wrestling with some pretty difficult choices that will determine her future,
[00:45] how she looks, how she acts and thinks if you successfully bring her back.
[00:50] What will your role be in the ancient song of creation?
[00:55] Rewards are suitably massive, as we give you some brand new spells and prayers to suit skillers
[01:00] and for those who like to play a more supporting role in group combat activities.
[01:05] Try out a range of new prisms and auroras to overwhelm your opponents,
[01:11] or the powerful "new shield dome" to protect your friends, or the mysterious "soul link",
[01:16] as well as experiment with "crystalise" to turn your skilling locations into crystals,
[01:21] "instant growth" to speed up your farming runs
[01:24] or "enrichment" to improve your divination training, just to name a few.
[01:28] This fantastic update was inspired by Gaga Lady,
[01:32] winner of the RuneLabs quest poll earlier on in the year. Well done to you!
[01:37] Improvement updates are, once again, packed full of your suggestions via the forums.
[01:42] This time, in the player owned house we've added more theme flexibility,
[01:46] allowing you to mix up ground, house and dungeon types,
[01:49] and we've added a few more ground textures too.
[01:52] You'll also be able to change between day and night modes.
[01:55] And while you're exploring your house you'll notice that we've made some gameplay changes
[01:59] to make life less painful while training the construction skill.
[02:03] Inside the Elf City we've added new functionality to the Max Guild
[02:07] by adding useful stuff like decanters, enchanters and new portal locations.
[02:12] And we've improved Movrans challenge rewards by adding a bunch of new stuff,
[02:16] not least the permanent dark crystals.
[02:19] There are lots of other smaller improvements too, like added crystal weapon drops for the Edimmus
[02:24] and new golden rocks for sinkholes.
[02:27] So do make sure that you have a nose around. Elves love the company!
[02:31] We've also graphically improved a bunch of the Myreque in Morytania, ready for next month's awesome quest,
[02:38] so flap over to the east if you can't wait to see them.
[02:41] With the added attention to minigames since the successful spotlight system was introduced a few months ago,
[02:47] the ninjas have taken it upon themselves to fix up some of our more tired and lack lustre examples.
[02:53] This month they've fixed up Fist of Guthix,
[02:55] a great game all about being hunted down by a fellow player while trying to earn some tasty rewards.
[03:01] We've improved the game so it's easier to start and find opponents,
[03:04] we've changed the gauntlets so they can be dropped by monsters,
[03:07] we've added player-crafted dragon coifs, we've made some of the equipment available as high-end free-to-play gear,
[03:12] and we've added a bunch of new rewards gloves for Runecrafting, Fishing and Herblore,
[03:17] making the whole experience so much more fun and worthwhile.
[03:22] You might not know but over 5000 of you per day are playing minigames,
[03:26] and we want to see that number increase even further.
[03:29] So if you keep giving us feedback, expect even more improvements and reworks in the future.
[03:34] In other news, we have some interesting content coming up as we play around with Hearts of Ice
[03:39] and we've added Death Lotus training to Treasure Hunter.
[03:42] And Solomon swaggers in to introduce a bunch of new walk animations
[03:47] and present a huge summer sale.
[03:50] Have fun! Wooters out!
[03:52] And we're back next week with the first of RuneScape's newest updates coming this August.