Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #156 - Elite Slayer NPCs and Old School Tournament!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week Mod Liam brings us details on Slayer's newest challenge
[00:15] whilst mod Archie tells us all about Old School RuneScape's first ever competitive tournament.
[00:22] Elite Slayer NPCs are basically bigger badder versions of the standard mob.
[00:27] They've got increased damaged, increased defence and just increased stats across the board
[00:31] but also an increased XP rate from them as well.
[00:34] What NPCs are going to have an Elite version?
[00:36] There's Eddiumu, Waterfiends, Nechryaels, Harpie Bug Swarms,
[00:39] Aquanites, Earth Warriors, Cave Horrors, Infernal Mage,
[00:44] Ankou, Dust Devil, Hobgoblin, Abyssal Demon, Greater Demons and Dark Beasts.
[00:49] So we've introduced them to help break up long Slayer tasks
[00:52] and give the player a little bit more risk-versus-reward choices during that task.
[00:58] So when one of these things pop up, it's going to be a tough fight and it's going to consume a few more resources in terms of food
[01:04] and possibly Prayer and things like that.
[01:06] So while you're on task, you are guaranteed at least one spawn while you are on your task.
[01:10] They can also spawn when you are not on task.
[01:13] When an elite NPC does spawn, it is locked to the player that spawns it for three minutes.
[01:17] The reason we did that was in response to the day one feedback of Rune and Addy Dragons where there weren't enough to go around.
[01:23] This three minute spawn timer will mean that everyone gets a go.
[01:26] Also that you can take a little bit of time choosing how you go about killing that NPC as well.
[01:31] There has been something like this in game before. The Edimmu were released a while back.
[01:35] And, while we were happy with the Edimmu, there were quite a few improvements we thought we could make, so we've addressed a lot of that in this project.
[01:42] The increased risk and challenge as well as the increased XP.
[01:45] We're giving a few extra rolls on the loot table, which should make them significantly tastier.
[01:50] The competitive RuneScape tournament is Old School's first step into the competitive gaming scene.
[01:54] It'll be consisting of eight teams of five players each team,
[01:57] three different game modes, four different maps, all for a shot at ten thousand dollars.
[02:01] The tournament's kicking off today, on the 24th of July, up until the 26th of July, at the end of the weekend,
[02:06] from 4:00pm to 10:00pm BST every day. And it's all going to be livestreamed.
[02:10] There are three total game modes, first being "king of the hill", where we designate certain areas of the map
[02:13] where players have to go and capture, get as many points as they can until they can win the match.
[02:17] The second game mode is "first to ten kills" which is essentially a team deathmatch where the first team to get ten kills wins.
[02:22] The final game mode is "last team standing", where each player has one life and one life only.
[02:26] It's my personal favourite. It's a lot of fun to watch.
[02:29] There are four total maps, the first being Plateau. It's completely flat. There is nowhere to hide.
[02:33] The second map is Classic, your traditional Old School RuneScape PVP arena.
[02:37] Your third and fourth maps are entirely new.
[02:39] We've taken Lumbridge Courtyard and Falador Garden, two of the most iconic and well-known areas in all of RuneScape.
[02:44] For a limited time you can enjoy these new tournament servers yourself by following the newsposts on the front page of the Old School site.
[02:49] We're really happy to bring in some really cool specials guests, including the likes of Skill Specs for example,
[02:54] to help guest host the entire event taking place all weekend long at
[02:58] I'm extremely excited for the weekend ahead. This is Old School's first ever time dipping our feet in the competitive scene, so you definitely won't want to miss out.
[03:05] So come join us. It will be a lot of fun. We'll see you there!
[03:09] Next week we're back with Mod Mark, who has all the juicy info involving updates coming to RuneScape this August.