Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #155 - Goebies, Mazcab and RAIDS!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Grab some friends, your best gear and all of the guts you can muster
[00:15] as this week we're heading to the distant world of Mazcab,
[00:19] home to one of RuneScape's most awaited updates...
[00:23] Raids.
[00:27] The world event is over now and Vorago has teleported into space on behalf of the godless to knock out Tuska.
[00:32] She's crashlanded in the desert and one of the portals on her back has opened up forming a portal to a planet called Mazcab.
[00:37] Long ago, Tuska visited this planet and destroyed its Anima Mundi and drained its life force.
[00:42] Since then the race called the Goebies have inhabited and they're slowly helping their world recover and so will the player in this update.
[00:48] It was their planet before it was ravaged and they've had quite a struggle. They're quite a tragic little race.
[00:52] They're sort of amphibious creatures and they've got this really cool twist where they have rocks on their back.
[00:56] And the older they get, the bigger the rock gets, to the point where they're so old it eventually ends up crushing them.
[01:01] There's plenty for players to do on Mazcab.
[01:03] When they've arrived they can talk to the Goebies, introduce themselves, find out a bit more about their race.
[01:07] There's loads of miniquests.
[01:08] You can do daily miniquests to gain Goebie reputation which unlocks various perks and rewards on the surface world as well as in the raid update.
[01:15] You've got a randomly generated forest which includes randomly generated quests in there,
[01:19] things to explore, XP to gain, relics to find based on lore.
[01:23] You've got like a Goebiebands, like a warbands courier event that runs every 12 hours on Mazcab with safe PVP.
[01:29] And then of course you've got the main raids update where there's two bosses, ten man groups,
[01:33] plenty of awesome rewards to get and lots of combat encounters to fight and test your skills against.
[01:38] The first boss of raids is Beast Master Durzag, who's like this giant Airut enforcer.
[01:43] You have to go into a former shrine that's been turned into a prison holding Goebies and start a jailbreak.
[01:48] Lots of Goebies will run out and then Airut will come charging after them, which you have to hold off.
[01:52] And then the beast master jumps down and challenges players and then chaos ensues.
[01:56] Going into the first boss, you should be ready to fight multiple enemies at once.
[01:59] Most of them are quite small but you should have an extra tank at the ready to provoke if things get a bit hairy.
[02:04] So after you've killed the beast master, you'll be going up the mountains, just outside the beast master pit,
[02:10] and you'll be brought out where we're calling the Goebie canal.
[02:13] The Goebie canal is a little puzzle environment
[02:16] where you'll be fighting some jellyfish and they'll teach you some of the mechanics that you'll be seeing in the Yakamaru fight.
[02:20] After you've finished the canal you'll be jumping down into a water pipe and that will send everyone down onto the beach.
[02:26] And from the beach you'll be able to start the fight with Yakamaru, our huge water serpent.
[02:30] With this boss we went with a slightly different approach.
[02:34] The beast master is a mobile boss. He'll be going around, he's got his dogs with him,
[02:39] whereas Yakamaru is confined to his pools.
[02:43] We wanted to do something quite cool with the element of water here.
[02:46] He's got different pools around the beach and he'll be jumping between different pools, each pool will give you a different mechanic of a fight.
[02:53] Because he is stationary you've got different things to be dealing with and different things to be worrying about
[02:57] than if the boss was wandering around like a more traditional boss.
[03:00] The main rewards from raids include five new abilities.
[03:03] There's Corruption Shot and Corruption Blast, which are Ranged and Magic basics.
[03:08] We've got Shatter and Storm Shards, which is a threshold and a basic that tie in to each other in a cool way.
[03:15] And we've got a new ultimate, Onslaught, which deals damage to enemies over time
[03:20] and as it does so drains your adrenaline and then your own life in order to deal damage.
[03:24] As well as the awesome new abilities we're bringing in with raids, we're also bringing in a set of tier 90 tank gear for all 3 styles.
[03:31] There's going to be 2 types of gear. There'll be the standard set and the superior set.
[03:36] The standard set you'll be able to get through raid currency and the superior set will be rare drops from the bosses.
[03:42] You'll get a chance at raid currency and drops once every 48 hours.
[03:46] There's no real requirements to take part in raids as long as you can get to Planet Mazcab, which every player can.
[03:50] Obviously it's a combat update primarily, so you're going to need to be pretty good at it or pretty good at avoiding damage.
[03:56] We recommend 80 level stats and gears, so nothing really below Nex. And there's no real limitations.
[04:01] There is a max group size of 10 but you can go in with less if you want to try taking on a more hardcore challenge.
[04:07] The future of this raid is very player-dependent.
[04:09] We've actually got a larger story planned out with more bosses, and if players enjoy this raid and this story, we can easily extend it in a future batch.
[04:16] Mod Luna's back next week with the latest news from the world of RuneLabs.