Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #154 - July Updates Coming to RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Raids, big cats, elite slayer creatures and a brand new planet await.
[00:16] Mod Mark is here with all of the details on July's updates.
[00:21] With Tuska soundly beaten by the might of the godless, her limp body hurtles towards the planet…
[00:28] but what will happen?
[00:30] One thing's for sure, the portal on her back will be open, with heroes like you being able to take one giant leap for mankind
[00:38] and visit the mysterious planet Mazcab.
[00:42] Firstly, you'll get to meet the Goebies,
[00:45] a strange race of frog-like creatures with their own Airut-related problems.
[00:50] Tuska had gorged on the planet many years before, with a task force of warriors remaining to act as cruel overlords.
[00:58] The planet itself is packed full of new, exciting content for all types of players,
[01:04] and we'll have plenty of news and videos about that in the near future.
[01:08] So for now I'll just give you a quick rundown.
[01:11] There's raids. This is a new take on high-level boss fights, featuring groups of up to ten players.
[01:18] Each raid has a very different bit of gameplay,
[01:21] with plenty of teamwork required just to reach each boss fight.
[01:25] There are two different bosses in total with plenty of plans for more in the future,
[01:29] growing in difficulty and rewards.
[01:33] There's a new safe PvP activity, focusing around moving supplies between Goebie camps.
[01:39] There's plenty of exploration too.
[01:41] Mazcab is far more than a home for boss fighters. There's a whole world to explore.
[01:47] Find lore fragments, complete miniquests
[01:50] and get lost in the Dungeoneering-style forest that changes faster than a speeding kebbit.
[01:56] Rewards include new tier 90 tank armour with set effects in all combat styles,
[02:02] five new tradeable abilities, new titles, pets and fast travel options, just to name a few.
[02:09] As for Tuska, you'll still be able to play the island hopping event content to earn rewards.
[02:14] So make sure you pop back if you fancy some more action.
[02:17] Another great suggestion from you via RuneLabs this month is the idea of using viswax to charge quick teleports,
[02:24] allowing you to use lodestones in super quick time.
[02:28] Thanks to 'F D C' for this cracking idea.
[02:31] It just goes to show that RuneLabs can be used to suggest almost anything.
[02:36] Are you a big fan of cats?
[02:38] Well, throughout July we'll be working in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund
[02:43] to help raise awareness of endangered and vulnerable big cats like jaguars and tigers.
[02:48] For the first two weeks you'll be able to take part in a special "Big Cats" edition of The Drop,
[02:53] accessible from the conservationist near the Burthorpe lodestone.
[02:57] You'll be able to earn adorable cub companions, as well as unlock some feline related titles, and XP lamps.
[03:05] You'll also be able to donate bonds directly to the conservationist,
[03:09] especially if you want to look after unique lion and leopard cubs.
[03:14] Jagex will be passing all money raised from your bond donations directly to the WWF
[03:19] to help with their amazing work.
[03:21] So dig deep and make a difference.
[03:24] Ever wished there was something to spice up your slayer tasks?
[03:28] Well that's what elite Slayer creatures are for.
[03:30] Some enemies will now have a chance of spawning a bigger, meaner, richer version of themselves
[03:36] worth more slayer XP and more loot!
[03:39] Take the challenge and be rewarded, or ignore it and everybody else can have a go.
[03:43] Look out for the telltale "ring of death" spinning around creatures like the powerful Dark Beast of Pain, and rise to the challenge.
[03:52] In other news, we've added one more slot to the Grand Exchange for all players and an extra one for members,
[03:58] we've added some muscle to the beach with some strength training options,
[04:01] there's some new beachy pets, like the amazing flappy fish, which is a personal favourite of mine,
[04:06] and a beach ball version of the old cheese rolling event.
[04:09] There's some fantastic new barbarian, shaman and mage outfits on the Solomon's store,
[04:14] and some new Slayer masks and a bunch of cool cosmetics related to V.
[04:19] Have fun. Wooters out.
[04:27] Face up here.
[04:29] Eyes on the face, not on the gnome.
[04:33] For your chance to win an amazing T-shirt just like this one, go to Twitter and use the hashtag #RSGIVEAWAY
[04:39] Gnome child for the win!
[04:41] Next week it's time to load up your Pak Yaks and unsheathe your Drygores,
[04:46] as the gateway to Mazcab bursts open.