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Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #153 - Hero's Welcome and a Beach Party!

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[00:11] Summer has arrived, so what better way to enjoy it than by heading to the beach.
[00:15] Mod Sayln will be here to tell us how we can get involved with this year's summer festivities.
[00:20] But first up celebrations are in order, as next week Gielinor sees the return of V, the Fremennik hero turned god.
[00:28] Mod Wilson is here with all the details.
[00:31] During the new quest, Hero's Welcome, you'll participate in celebration which welcomes V back to Gielinor.
[00:36] Following this you'll go on an epic quest where you'll foil the plots and schemes of the Dragonkin.
[00:40] This is going to be a very lore heavy quest.
[00:42] We're going to be introducing a new god and we're going to be allowing you to talk to him about his hopes, his dreams and what he represents.
[00:48] We're also going to be delving into the lore of the Dragonkin and showing you what they've been up to in all this time.
[00:54] V was a Fremennik seer who discovered the Stone of Jas, touched it and gained a massive boost of power.
[00:58] Players will revisit Rellekka. They'll also be able to go with V to an island that hasn't been used since the third age that he knows about.
[01:05] They'll also be able to visit the shrine of V and be able to go to many locations used as lairs and bases by the Dragonkin.
[01:11] To start the quest you'll need to have completed Lunar Diplomacy as well as mastered Barbarian Skilling.
[01:15] You'll also need 67 Smithing, 60 Divination, 62 Slayer and 67 Mining.
[01:20] Once you've got all the requirements to begin this quest, you can start it by speaking to Alfrick the Planner or Freya Lune who will be located by the docks in Rellekka.
[01:27] In addition to experience in skills used throughout the quest,
[01:30] there's also going to be a repeatable boss fight which will drop one of the most powerful offhand throwing weapons in the game.
[01:35] You'll also gain access to spots for mining Bane ore as well as access to more Adamant Dragons.
[01:41] As a more material reward, you'll also be able to unlock access to a level 75 cape.
[01:45] Unfortunately I can't go into details of this because that would be a bit of a spoiler.
[01:49] The beach event is us bringing summer to RuneScape.
[01:52] We've turned Lumbridge crater into an awesome beach party where you can take part in loads of beach events and beat an awesome boss.
[02:00] So the beach party takes place in one of RuneScape's most iconic locations, which is the Lumbridge crater.
[02:06] In fact, Reyna, who is running the beach party, is a survivor from the first world event.
[02:10] There's a bunch of activities you can take part in on the beach.
[02:12] There is sandcastle building, there is strong-arm, there is a coconut-shy,
[02:17] and on top of everything, there is a massive crab boss called Clawdia, named by our players,
[02:22] and it will come out and terrorize the players every hour on the beach.
[02:25] As with the rest of the beach, there aren't any other requirements to fight the boss. Just bring yourself, bring any equipment you have and you'll be able to take part.
[02:31] Doing events on the beach takes effort and you're going to have to keep cool while you're there.
[02:35] So whilst you're doing events and killing the boss you'll be able to get ice cream.
[02:38] This ice cream will reduce your temperature gauge that you have whilst on the beach.
[02:42] You'll be able to do this three times every day and reset your time on the beach so you'll be able to make it last even longer.
[02:48] All the activities on the beach will have a bunch of rewards including the boss and you'll be able to get cosmetics,
[02:53] pets, emotes, animations, all sorts of overrides.
[02:57] And on top of that there are vendors around the beach that you can buy these things for RuneCoins as well.
[03:01] On the beach we've built a stage specifically for us to do J-Mod events so throughout the summer we'll be having loads of different events going on, run by our community team.
[03:09] So you should really take part in them and keep an ear out for when they'll be running.
[03:12] The beach will be available from the 29th of June all the way through to the end of August, so you should really take part as soon as you can.
[03:19] Mod Mark is back next week with all of the updates coming to RuneScape in July.