Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #152 - Adamant and Rune Dragons

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week, the Adamant and Rune Dragons are here to set the world alight.
[00:15] Mod Osborne, Stu and Joe have all the details.
[00:20] Next week is the RuneLabs update that I think everybody has been looking forward to. It's Adamant and Rune Dragons.
[00:24] The first RuneLabs criteria was for a medium, but we saw that loads of ideas that were coming in were quite small, they were rising to the top.
[00:30] So we took quite a few of those, polled those.
[00:32] Dragons came top, there was also slayer belt and also we're going to be working on farming timers which will come out later on in the year.
[00:37] But this idea came from Dragonforcae and we started to think how we could expand it into a bigger update with a bigger dungeon and more rewards.
[00:45] My involvement with Adamant and Rune Dragons was to design the project,
[00:48] to present it to the RuneLabs winner,
[00:50] to get their approval, to gather player feedback and suggestions
[00:54] and then to code and develop the project.
[00:57] So I worked on this project as an environment artist and I worked on the Brimhaven dungeon.
[01:01] What that involved was working with Mod Stu.
[01:04] We worked out how big the dungeon was going to be, how many dragons we wanted to add. And then I created the dungeon.
[01:10] I also worked with Mod Alex and he created the new area for the Rune Dragons, which is Mount Firewake.
[01:16] After we had the first draft of the design for Adamant and Rune Dragons approved by internal stakeholders,
[01:21] I presented that to Dragonforcae, the RuneLabs winner, on Skype.
[01:25] We talked through the design. I checked if there were any concerns that he had.
[01:28] He felt that the design that we had exceeded his expectations,
[01:31] so we went from there and started implementation.
[01:34] So the new Adamant Dragons can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon.
[01:37] You'll need to have level 70, 80 and 90 Slayer to get into all of the rooms.
[01:42] And the new Rune Dragons can be found in Kethsi.
[01:45] You’ll need to use the World Gate north of Arander pass and you'll need to have finished Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods quests.
[01:50] The guardians seem to take any opportunity to crowbar in some story and lore, and this update is no different.
[01:55] When you're walking about Kethsi and Brimhaven, you're going to see murals.
[01:58] And these murals detail the relationship between Dragons and Dragonkin, who are one of our big entities in the Sixth Age.
[02:05] And you're going to be able to burn these away, gaining Firemaking XP to really elaborate on the story of Rune and Adamant Dragons.
[02:11] So for the new Dragon models we took the Celestial Dragon as a base and modified that, based on the concepts that we got.
[02:18] And we had to create new heads, we had to modify the scales,
[02:21] and we basically painted brand new textures for both versions of the dragons.
[02:25] We hoped to be able to reuse some existing animations, but because these Dragons do something a bit more interesting, we had to create a lot of animation from scratch.
[02:33] The Rune Dragons will do something that no metal Dragon has ever done before.
[02:37] Metal Dragons, so far, have been contained underground in dungeons.
[02:41] They've never been able to use their wings.
[02:42] These Dragons – can fly.
[02:49] Initially you'll need to break through their heavy Rune armour with Dragon Bane ammunition.
[02:52] Once the armour has been stripped away from the Dragon, they will launch into the air,
[02:56] spread their wings and start to attack you with Dragon fire from above.
[03:00] Adamant Dragons have a guaranteed drop of two Adamant bars and an Adamant Dragon bone.
[03:05] Rune Dragons have a guaranteed drop of one Rune bar and a Rune Dragon bone.
[03:10] Rune Dragons also have a chance to drop attachments to Glacor boots to upgrade them to level 90 power boots.
[03:17] When you kill a Rune Dragon, there's a chance of an Elite Rune Dragon spawning.
[03:20] These have much better drops than the regular Rune Dragons. They also have two exclusive drops.
[03:26] A Kethsi ring, which gives a 4% damage bonus against metal Dragons,
[03:30] 8% damage bonus in Kuradals dungeon, as well as teleports to Adamant and Rune Dragons.
[03:36] There's also a chance of getting a Kethsi outfit from Elite Rune Dragons.
[03:40] This is a five-piece cosmetic outfit and, given how often the Elite Rune Dragons spawn, this should be quite exclusive and prestigious.
[03:48] It's been seven years since we last released a metallic Dragon, so it feels like it's about time to release one.
[03:53] And also there's something different about fighting a Dragon that I think people quite like.
[03:57] You know, you've got to equip your Dragonfire shield, get your Dragon fire potions and go out and face a slightly different fight from you're used to.
[04:05] Mod Luna's back next week with all of the latest news from the lab.
[04:08] Don't forget to submit your ideas for this month's RuneLabs criteria.