Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #151 - Dragons, Slayer Belt, Heroes and beach parties

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 151: The Month Ahead: June

[00:11] Dragons, Heroes and beach parties.
[00:14] Those are some of the updates that June has in-store! Hereís Mod Mark with all the details.
[00:21] Tuska is here, Orbiting Gielinor with a toothy, evil grin on her face,
[00:26] hell-bent on the destruction of everything!
[00:30] Make sure you get involved now
[00:32] pick your god and earn tasty rewards like the World Eater armour as you try to save RuneScape.
[00:39] Thereís plenty to do in this world event, so make sure you explore her back as you hurtle through space.
[00:45] Check out last weekís Behind the Scenes video and the Tuska World Event news post for more information.
[00:52] Itís not to be missed!
[00:54] The slayer belt project was one of first RuneLabs successes, suggested by the fabulous player, ëDragonsseedí.
[01:02] Itís an addition to the existing tool belt, with 12 items to add to help you on your slaying escapades.
[01:09] No longer will you be forgetting your slayer items, with essentials such as rock hammers,
[01:14] slayer bells - and more - being added to the belt.
[01:18] Youíll also be able to spend slayer points on adding your bonecrusher,
[01:22] charming imp and other useful items to the belt, saving you precious inventory space.
[01:28] Also from RuneLabs are the mighty adamant and rune dragons - proposed by ëDragonforcaeí.
[01:35] Addy dragons can be found deep within the Brimhaven Dungeon, and are a significantly tougher than their mithril cousins.
[01:42] Rune Dragons are definitely the kings of this update, though.
[01:45] They live on Kethsi, accessible via the World Gate,
[01:49] and require completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods to access.
[01:54] Some of the rune dragons are even more powerful elite versions, with even tastier drops.
[01:59] Hidden murals within the dungeons can unlock new dragonkin lore and chunks of Firemaking XP.
[02:06] This month, the Ninjas have focused on the Artisansí Workshop.
[02:11] They have taken a huge amount of feedback from the forums and social media,
[02:15] concentrating on the rewards and functions of the workshop, making a ton of changes based on your ideas and requests.
[02:22] Using the workshop - especially making those ceremonial swords - is now a much more pleasant experience,
[02:29] with brand new rewards, including auto cannon filling!
[02:32] The people of Rellekka will finally see the return of the legendary hero-turned-godÖ V.
[02:40] In this exciting new chapter in the Fremennik storyline, you will get to meet and greet with V,
[02:45] and then participate in a dangerous raid on a number of the dragonkinís secret lairs.
[02:51] These raids feature stealth elements and puzzles as you track down your scaly targets.
[02:57] Make sure youíre all geared up as you take on dragon guards and even members of the dragonkin themselves!
[03:03] Look out for some crazy stuff going on in the Lumbridge Crater this month.
[03:08] Renya ñ a survivor of the Battle of Lumbridge ñ plans to turn the whole crater into an awesome, summer beach party,
[03:15] but she needs your help to do it.
[03:16] Ferry buckets of sand to Renya to receive mystery boxes full of great prizes,
[03:22] such as coconut hats, tortoises, sand capes and crab hats.
[03:26] Once the beach has been built, there is a huge party planned with a wide range of beach-themed events
[03:32] like a coconut shy, sandcastle building and barbecuing.
[03:36] Lots of XP will be on offer, and some special portals giving you quick and easy access to your favourite D&Ds.
[03:42] There are also a bunch of special tradable items you can earn or buy using your bonds!
[03:49] In other news, there are some new headpieces for your skilling outfits on treasure hunter,
[03:54] and in Solomonís there are two more bank boosters - free to members -
[03:59] and a set of overrides to match the Vitality Suit: a cape, two-handed sword, two-handed crossbow and staff,
[04:06] and challenge gems that allow you to host your own competitions: either staked or just fun, for skilling or combat!
[04:16] What a packed month!
[04:18] Have Fun!
[04:19] Wooters Out
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[04:28] Youíll need those anti Dragon fire shields next week as we take a look at Gielinorís new scaly additions.
[04:34] The Adamant and Rune Dragons!