Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #150 - Tuska World Event

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] The skies are getting darker as Tuska approaches Gielinor,
[00:14] but never fear because the Jmods are here to help figure out how you can overcome this daunting new challenge.
[00:22] For those of you who've been online in the last week, you've seen some cataclysmic events unfolding.
[00:25] There's some serious foreshadowing of Tuska, this world-devouring beast entering our solar system,
[00:30] and this week she's gonna do exactly that.
[00:32] She's on a direct course to take on Gielinor
[00:34] and it's up to the players to jump on to her back,
[00:36] get to her head, stab her in the face and save Gielinor from its fate.
[00:40] When the World Event starts, our Astromancer 'Wizard Chambers' will give you a way in order to get to Tuska.
[00:45] Some of you may have already seen him in game and helped him prototype his new ideas.
[00:49] When players get to Tuska, they can pick a faction to align with.
[00:51] You've got Armadyl, Saradomin, the Godless and Zamorak.
[00:54] When you've picked a faction, you can speak to our Astromancer,
[00:56] who's the guy responsible for getting people from the back of Tuska to the front of Tuska.
[01:00] You do that by going around Tuska because she's big and she covers a lot of space.
[01:05] So when you've gone on these islands, you can charge the Anima Mundi that's in those islands to this giant God Spear.
[01:11] When you arrive at the head, you can unleash that power from the spear and stab her in the face.
[01:15] When you stab enough damage as a community, then you can beat Tuska for that day.
[01:19] And the more days you win, the more likely you are to save the world.
[01:23] The act of stabbing Tuska in the face is only a small part of the World Event.
[01:26] That actually happens on the hour every hour.
[01:28] That lasts for 20 minutes and for the other 40 minutes of an hour, Tuska's back has various activities that are open to you.
[01:34] You have Tuska parasites which you can kill for Slayer XP even if you're not on a task.
[01:37] And there's also Agility. You can chop her spines down and balance on them for Agility XP, similar to how the Elf City pillars work.
[01:44] And you've also got Woodcutting. So some of the spines that you can't balance on, you can just chop down.
[01:48] And you can find contribution and other hidden rewards from previous World Events in there too.
[01:52] The idea behind Tuska is that she's something that has visited a lot of different worlds.
[01:56] So, when we were thinking of what sort of creatures and NPCs to have populating the environment,
[02:03] we were thinking they'd look alien, like something that didn't belong on the world of RuneScape.
[02:08] We also looked at the colour schemes.
[02:10] Tuska's sort of dark purple, dark blues so we used a lot of that when we were making the models.
[02:15] It was interesting challenge working on this project because obviously Tuska is too big to be treated as a normal character.
[02:21] We had to prototype working with her as like a living environment and I think the final result is really unique.
[02:26] There are no requirements in order to participate in this World Event although higher skills will be beneficial.
[02:32] Ironmen, and even free-to-play accounts can get involved in the war effort.
[02:36] The Tuska event will be lasting one month.
[02:37] If you navigate to the World Event tab in your interface, you'll actually see a breakdown of the days of the month and who's won and lost those days.
[02:45] At the end of the month we'll determine the victor and you'll see the outcome.
[02:48] The main difference between this World Event and previous ones are its more of a collaborative effort.
[02:52] Previously it has been god versus god and you pick a side,
[02:54] whereas now you still pick a side but you're all fighting for the same cause which is taking down Tuska.
[02:59] For the duration of the Tuska World Event, players will be able to get a new set of warpriest armour,
[03:04] an ability and a series of emotes and titles.
[03:08] Additionally they'll be able to get abilities and warpriest armour sets from previous World Events.
[03:14] The aftermath of the Tuska World Event is something we're really looking forward to.
[03:17] There's a few options we've designed and how it plays out is really going to be down to the hands of the players.
[03:21] It's very possible that she will hit the world and there'll be consequences to that.
[03:25] I strongly urge all players to take up arms and join in the war effort to defeat the world eater.
[03:32] We can survive.
[03:35] Mod Mark is here next week to take us through the updates coming to RuneScape in June.
[03:51] For those of you who've found the Astromancer this week and shot his monkey into space... That is dirty!