Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #14 - Hunter D&D XP Boosts & Private Hunting Areas

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Behind the Scenes
Hunter D and D
[00:06] Welcome to RuneScape's Behind the Scenes
[00:08] Have your traps, snares and teasing sticks at the ready
[00:11] as this week we're on a whistle stop tour
[00:13] of the latest Distraction and Diversion for the Hunter skill.
[00:16] We spoke to Mod C3DPO to find out what's new.
[00:20] This latest D and D is all about the hunters out there,
and we've never done one before.
[00:24] Really cool because the reward of it you get
is you get exclusive access to a private hunting area
[00:29] that you can invite your friends to.
It's really cool.
[00:31] Hunter's a tough one, you're in constant competition
for resources with other players out there
[00:35] so we try to give something that isn't in direct competition
for the player - so to give you another way to train the skill.
[00:40] It's not a new training method but should
break up the training because it is quite a long skill.
[00:43] You're going to have some cool resources -
the main reward from this update though is getting tickets
[00:48] and what these tickets do is pretty much
give you access to a private hunting area
[00:52] Now, if your friends get the tickets as well,
you can invite them along and do a bit of private hunting together
[00:56] so you just don't get trampled by all the other players
in the area going for your Chinchompas.
[01:00] Without giving too much away you're actually going hunting
for moths and then going to be stuffing them into a giant ChinChompa
[01:05] but I really don't want to give too much away because
it's one of those really cool things that when you see it, you'll be like 'yay!'.
[01:10] For players to get involved in this update you just need to
go to a portal that's located in the Gnome Stronghold.
[01:13] However, there will be a little gnome that burrows up
from the ground in your little hunting area.
[01:18] I believe this is the little fella here.
He'll come and grab you while you're in your hunting area
[01:21] ... break up the training a bit and take you to your
private hunting area once you've got your tickets.
[01:26] I'd say it's similar in vein to the Evil Tree
where you can do it twice daily, every day of the week
[01:30] Similar in vein to the Fish Flingers one where
there's a portal and you can find out the information there
[01:35] Or you could use the contact NPC's as well.
From the Lunar Spell book I believe that one is.
[01:39] There's no level requirements lock to this though it is area locked
so for Morytania you need the requirements to get into Morytania.
[01:47] And the Elven Lands hunting area as well you'll need
the base requirements to get in there.
[01:50] I would advise low level hunters -
don't go for this update though, it's probably not for them.
[01:55] Trying to do Hunter myself, I'm really
after this update so I can get my Hunter skill up.
[01:59] And the Hunter Distraction and Diversion
will be coming to all Gielinorians very soon.
[02:04] Next week, we embed ourselves in Mod Engstrom's
trusty band of artists and animators
[02:08] to find out how the Al Kharid graphical rework is shaping up
and to learn of a new mystery quest coming to RuneScape.
[02:15] Till next time!