Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #149 - Death Rework and OldSchool Catch-up

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week Mod Hunter is giving us a rundown on the new grave system
[00:15] and the lads from Old School talk to us about what's new.
[00:18] So I guess it's kind of a newish Old School.
[00:21] Anyway, over to Mod Hunter.
[00:24] So next week we'll be releasing the new grave system.
[00:27] Now, when you die, you will immediately spawn in Death's office.
[00:31] You will have the option to immediately reclaim the items from him if you want to,
[00:34] which will come at a fee relative to the cost of each item.
[00:39] If you don't want to pay the fee, you can leave Death's office.
[00:42] At this point your gravestone will spawn as normal
[00:45] and you will have a limited time to run back to it.
[00:47] After your grave has expired, you will have to pay a fee to get your items back.
[00:51] This fee is calculated using a portion of the value of each of the items you had on you when you died.
[00:57] Players will not be able to loot your grave when you die.
[01:00] Even after the twenty-four hours have expired, the items will not be added to the ground.
[01:04] Your beast of burden items however will drop as normal
[01:07] and players can still repair your gravestone.
[01:10] Items lost in the Wilderness will still work as normal.
[01:13] One of the feedback requests we had which wasn't part of the original plan was to have some cosmetic gravestones.
[01:20] This is effectively allowing you to get the benefits of the highest tier gravestone
[01:25] but having a physical gravestone that you like which you would not normally use.
[01:31] Hello there. What brilliant weather we've had this week! But I'm afraid things are set to change.
[01:35] Tomorrow patchy rain will fall across a lot of the west with Brimhaven in particular, bearing the brunt.
[01:40] Strong winds for the most part are across the Wilderness.
[01:43] And temperatures in Al Kharid will hit roughly 52 degrees.
[01:47] As we look to Sunday, it's a bright start but moving to the evening is a different story altogether.
[01:52] There'll be thick cloud, heavy showers and other freakish conditions which may have a serious impact on the heart of Gielinor.
[01:58] So, have a lovely weekend and we'll see you again next week.
[02:02] We've had an absolute great year in Old School this year.
[02:04] We've had free to play come out, we've had the Grand Exchange come out, we've had Bonds come out,
[02:08] we've had more players than we know what to do with it's been absolutely fantastic.
[02:11] But we're not going to stop there.
[02:13] We've got a great Summer lined up with resizable mode coming out,
[02:15] the competitive RuneScape tournament and a summer full of Slayer updates. It's going to be great.
[02:20] Since its launch in 2013, Old School RuneScape has used the fixed-size client that was 765 pixels wide.
[02:29] This isn't very big, especially on a modern monitor,
[02:31] so we're giving players the ability to expand it to fill their entire browser screen.
[02:36] We believe that the resizable mode will make the game feel a lot more immersive
[02:39] because rather squinting at a small thing in your screen, you'll be looking at something that's bigger in front of you
[02:45] and feels like a much more in-depth world.
[02:49] Among the Slayer updates coming out this summer, I'm currently working on the Abyssal sire.
[02:53] The Abyssal sire's a higher order Abyssal Demon.
[02:55] For players to fight that they'll need an 85 Slayer level
[02:58] as well as an Abyssal Demon assignment or an Abyssal boss assignment.
[03:02] The Abyssal sire will have a new environment created for it.
[03:04] It will be able to plug itself in to the environment and attack you with the environment assets.
[03:08] The environment can be found on the Abyssal plain which can be accessed by the fairy ring network
[03:13] or by the Zamorakian mage next to the River Lum in the Wilderness.
[03:17] The Abyssal sire will drop many things. The signature drops that will mainly interest players will be the Abyssal Dagger,
[03:22] the Abyssal Whip, the player owned house Abyssal Heads,
[03:25] and the Abyssal boss pets.
[03:27] So that's what we've got coming this summer.
[03:29] For the rest of the year we've got some great stuff planned.
[03:30] We've got Deadman Mode which is going to be absolutely fantastic and we've also got Christmas, and everybody loves Christmas.
[03:36] Never fear, Behind the Scenes will return next week with more of the biggest news.
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