Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #148 - Minigame Spotlight and Ninja updates!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 148: Minigame Spotlight & Ninja Team

[00:11] This week its a Mod-stravaganza as we discover more about the minigame spotlight system, catch up with the ninja team
[00:18] and find out what Community Management have planned for this ‘bonus weekend'.
[00:23] Next week we’re introducing the new minigame spotlight system which runs in parallel with certain minigames
[00:28] and you’ll be able to earn a new currency called Thaler.
[00:31] Thaler is gained based on the amount of time that you spend inside a minigame.
[00:35] For every one minute that you spend in a spotlighted minigame you’ll gain one thaler
[00:39] otherwise you’ll gain one thaler every five minutes.
[00:42] There are a total of fourteen minigames which come into spotlight every three days.
[00:46] These include: Barbarian Assault, Castle Wars and Trouble Brewing to name a few.
[00:50] Players can head to Stanley Limelight our new shop keeper where they can spend their thalers
[00:54] on certain rewards from minigames that are in the spotlight system.
[00:59] There is also a tab for limited edition Treasure Hunter items which are only available for a short period of time.
[01:06] Over the years we’ve introduced many different minigames, due to this many of them don’t get played as often as they should.
[01:12] So we’re hoping that the minigame spotlight will make them a lot more active again.
[01:15] As the ninja team has grown, we’ve taken on this extra project
[01:19] to hopefully help with the rest of the quality of life updates that we’re currently working on.
[01:25] So I recently joined the ninja team, it’s really exciting.
[01:27] There’s nothing quite like working with and reading the players suggestions every single day.
[01:30] You have to be very agile, you constantly have to jump in and out of certain projects
[01:35] or certain bug fixes that you’re doing which is different to what the other teams do.
[01:40] So we’re going to be looking at a number of chat improvements, we’re going to be looking at clan funnel improvements,
[01:45] so, joining clans, setting up clans, recruitment, we’re going to be looking at centralising all our various toggles and settings into one place.
[01:55] One of the spotlights we’re working on is Artisans’ workshop which I’m currently working on,
[01:58] that’s making sure we’re looking at Ceremonial swords, Burial armour, xp rates, efficiency, that sort of thing.
[02:04] We’re also going to be adding two new grand exchange slots for members and one for free to play.
[02:09] And on top of all that we’re obviously doing ninja fixes which you can see weekly.
[02:13] With RuneLabs we have the monthly criteria’s for larger projects but that doesn’t mean that we disregard all smaller issues.
[02:22] The Ninja team look at these smaller stuff and where possible we will ninja them and take them and bring them into our backlogs.
[02:30] So the best place to look for ninja fixes is the recent game updates, we post the patch notes every single week.
[02:35] There’s a special section for the ninja fixes, so anything you suggest to us and we get fixed will be in there every single week.
[02:40] Of course there’s a bigger news post that we release every so often for bigger fixes such as spotlights and projects.
[02:45] Of course you can look at us through Twitter and Reddit, we’re always on there posting information about what we’re looking to do,
[02:52] what we’re going to do, what we have done so if you’re just looking for information about ninjas they’re the best place.
[02:56] Having been a player for over twelve years now it’s an amazing experience to be a part of the ninja team
[03:01] because you get to see all of the quality of live improvements that will not only benefit the other people
[03:06] but you get to be a part of the team that actually implements those improvements as well,
[03:11] so being a player you know what to look for, you know what could be improved
[03:15] and I’m just happy to be here to push those updates out.
[03:19] RuneScape Road Trip
[03:21] Throughout May we’ve been running the RuneScape RoadTrip which is your chance to collect loads and loads of prizes
[03:24] by coming in game every day and collecting chits from Jmods and also completing a list of tasks.
[03:29] As well as your daily roadtrip tasks we have special bonus weekends that we’ll be running throughout May as well.
[03:34] This weekend it’s a slayer and boss weekend in which you’ll be able to get 50% bonus xp on slayer
[03:40] and also get double drops as well on rare items.
[03:42] We’ll also be having a ports bonus this weekend and going all the way through to the end of May
[03:47] where you’ll get twenty five voyages per day rather than your usual fifteen.
[03:52] Next weekend we’ll be having the minigame weekend so keep an eye out for the news post on that later next week.
[03:58] As part of the roadtrip we’ve been doing a community roadtrip as well where you can win real life goodies
[04:04] like Cooler Master gear, you can win Bonds and you can win merch.
[04:07] All you have to do is head over to our forums where we’ve got all the information on how you can enter this week.
[04:12] We’ve got four different things for four different weeks,
[04:13] all based on our social media channels and on our forums so if you complete all the tasks you’ll get codes,
[04:19] submit those codes to us and enter in to our prize draw to win all those goodies.
[04:23] So why should you come to the Jmod chit sessions?
[04:25] Well, as well as getting to meet us wonderful folk you also get to meet members of the community as well,
[04:30] you get to make some new friends and there’s also skilling nodes as well so no xp waste!
[04:33] To find out more about all of these things, the community roadtrip, the roadtrip itself and also the Jmod chit sessions,
[04:40] check out the RuneScape RoadTrip forum there’s a link coming up just on screen right now and happy Scaping!
[04:46] Grab your shovels and prepare to get a little bit morbid as next week we delve into Runescapes new grave system.