Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #147 - May Updates Coming to RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Mod Mark's here this week with news on a new minigame system, improved loot mechanics, a raft of ninja updates, and more.
[00:18] But that's not all. Keep watching for a chance to win in this month's giveaway.
[00:24] May is a busy time in the real world, so this month's selection of updates is all about getting the most from your precious game time.
[00:32] Out today is the RuneScape road trip, a collection of exciting tasks for you to complete throughout the month of May.
[00:39] It's similar in design to last year's road trip, but is vastly improved thanks to your feedback,
[00:45] and it comes with a fresh helping of shiny new rewards.
[00:49] If there are tasks you just don't like, or you want to complete your road trip in a super-fast time,
[00:54] hunt out a J-Mod just like me in the live game, and we can auto-complete them for you.
[01:00] We'll be hanging around specific locations throughout May, so do make sure you pop by just to say hello.
[01:07] Make sure you pick up your road trip journal from the Burthorpe Challenge Mistress right now.
[01:12] Throughout May we'll be running a series of weekend boosts for skillers,
[01:17] slayers, dungeoneers, port owners and minigame lovers,
[01:20] so it's well worth playing if you can find some spare time over your busy weekends.
[01:26] We're also running a Community Road Trip on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and on our own forums.
[01:32] You can complete special tasks there throughout May to gain entry into two separate prize draws for some great real life prizes.
[01:41] We know that it's sometimes difficult to find a group to play minigames with, even with the awesome new grouping system.
[01:48] So we've decided to create a new way of playing and earning rewards by adding a new minigame currency called "Thalers".
[01:56] You can earn them by playing any minigame, but every three days, a special one will be selected
[02:02] where you can earn five times as many Thalers as normal.
[02:06] On launch, Barbarian Assault will be the spotlighted game, with Conquest following soon after.
[02:12] You can spend Thalers on existing minigame rewards,
[02:15] silverhawk boots and charges, or even elite clue scrolls and prismatic XP stars.
[02:22] This will mean that even the most obscure games will get their time in the spotlight,
[02:27] giving you an eager group of players to play with.
[02:31] We've been working on a new way to pick up loot, and it's been on the BETA for the past month.
[02:36] Thanks for your feedback so far.
[02:38] We've almost finished implementing that feedback and it will be ready for launch later in the month.
[02:43] For those of you that haven't seen it, it's an optional feature that allows you to pick up all the loot across a few game squares in two easy clicks.
[02:52] You can even customise it to only pick up certain types of loot if you wish,
[02:57] like herbs or items over a certain GP value.
[03:00] I have to say that, even though it's small, it's one of my favourite updates of the month.
[03:05] The BETA servers have been very useful in the past few months, with the Legacy/EOC mash-up project launching a few days ago
[03:12] and the death rework in its final feedback phase.
[03:15] So keep a look out for more BETA experiments in the near future.
[03:19] Despite sneaking around the office and poisoning the rice in the Jagex canteen,
[03:23] the ninjas have managed to find some time to update the rewards for a bunch of D+D's.
[03:29] They've added a new title for D+D fans, reworked champions challenges to act as an optional repeatable event,
[03:34] they fixed up the skeletal horror to offer elite clue scrolls,
[03:37] they added a new phoenix familiar, they've changed goblin flash mobs to make it free to play,
[03:41] they've improved tackle boxes, they've created a teleport to Bork via the elite Varrock armour,
[03:45] they've improved the XP on the evil tree... and a whole lot more.
[03:49] Solomon's got a few tricks up his sleeves too this month, with some dyes to allow you to customise your outfit
[03:54] and a brand new time-limited Legendary pet called the Shadow Drake that's only available for the next few weeks.
[04:01] Our RuneLabs criteria for the month is a small horror-themed update to use at Halloween,
[04:05] and we've got an in-game outfit inspired by our Jagex friends in the Block N Load team upstairs.
[04:12] Have fun! Wooters out!
[04:15] For your chance to win the t-shirt Mod Mark is wearing...
[04:18] Well, not literally the one he's wearing... That would be a bit weird...
[04:21] Just share this video with the hashtag #RSGIVEAWAY
[04:25] And next week sees the return of Mod Luna with all of the latest from RuneLabs.
[04:38] -Another good BTS Mark?
-Yeah, it's awesome, weren't it?
[04:40] -Yeah, good content.
-Nice to get it in one cut.
[04:44] What're you doing?
[04:46] That's weird. You shouldn't be able to see the Moon like that in the middle of the day.
[04:50] That's no Moon.
[04:52] That's a...