Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #146 - EoC/Legacy Mash-up + Road Trip 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 146: EOC/LEgacy Mashup & Road Trip

[00:11] On this week's behind the scenes
[00:13] Mod Raven’s here to give us the low-down on May's RuneScape road trip.
[00:17] But first let’s get an update on the EOC Legacy mashup.
[00:22] Next week’s update is all about EOC and Legacy mashup.
[00:25] It’s a combination of legacy combat with EOC interfaces.
[00:27] The idea behind all of this came from forum posts.
[00:29] Players liked having a legacy mode and an EOC mode
[00:33] but they wanted to know if we could combine the two.
[00:35] The main benefit this feature will provide is allowing players much more customization on their gameplay,
[00:40] so they can either have full on legacy mode, full on EOC mode or a combination of the two.
[00:45] To enable any of these modes you can go into the game play tab on the settings panel
[00:49] and then choose any of your options via the check boxes.
[00:52] So if you prefer legacy combat with EOC interfaces that’s perfectly available,
[00:56] or if you prefer to have EOC combat with legacy interfaces that is also available.
[01:01] We’ve had lots of positive feedback on this update through the beta servers
[01:04] where you can still go to try out any other potential updates that are in there.
[01:07] The beta servers are there so that you guys can try out features that
[01:10] maybe we want a bit more feedback on
[01:12] or maybe we feel it needs to be a bit more refined before we stick it into the live game.
[01:16] So we put a feature onto the beta server so you can try it out,
[01:19] give us your feedback, we can tweak it as many times as we like,
[01:23] and when the players are happy with it we can put it in the main game.
[01:25] On the beta server we’re currently testing a few things.
[01:28] We’re testing an improvement to our looting system which will bring up a looting window
[01:32] and allow you to do cool things like AOE looting.
[01:35] We’re testing a complete rework of the death system to make it a little bit fairer
[01:40] for those of you who get DDoS’d or if you can’t get back to your grave quickly.
[01:44] We’ve got a faction PVP Jmod run event you can take part in
[01:49] where you can support one of two gods and you can fight it out with other players.
[01:53] And we have some combat changes, some improvements to two handed abilities,
[01:57] we’ve got some improvements for soul split for legacy users
[02:01] and we have some changes requested from the PvP community.
[02:04] Players can get onto the beta server by going to
[02:08] There you’ll see a list of all of the things we’re currently testing
[02:11] and you’ll have a link to the beta client.
[02:15] This may we’re bringing back the RuneScape road trip!
[02:18] Little passport book, there are various tasks, lots of lovely tasks,
[02:21] you can tick them off each in turn or skip them with a J-mod – it’s such fun!
[02:26] Players will have a number of tasks to complete.
[02:29] There are twenty in total, five per category.
[02:31] The categories are skilling, combat, social and the aptly named miscellaneous.
[02:35] Tasks include things like completing a dungeoneering floor at complexity six
[02:40] or completing a slayer target
[02:42] or finding the golden idol of billy the goat,
[02:46] so assorted tasks that they can complete.
[02:48] This road trip differs from last year in that we’ve made a few tweaks to usability.
[02:52] Previously for example you could get J-mods to stamp your book
[02:55] but the process of doing this was a bit convoluted.
[02:57] You had to click a thing and say you could do it.
[02:59] Then the J-mod to stamp it and then you’d maybe do it
[03:01] but you weren’t all too sure. It was a bit confusing. Now we’ve made that a lot simpler.
[03:05] Now not only do we have some J-mod clones as well who are NPC versions of J-mods to do it for you,
[03:10] When you go there all you need to do is be around the J-mod when they do the stamp
[03:15] and you’ll get what’s called a chit. And a chit can be used to skip one of the tasks.
[03:19] You don’t even need to spend them straight away. The chits can stack up.
[03:22] You can have multiple of them to just keep on skipping.
[03:24] We’ve assorted rewards available.
[03:26] For each task you complete you’ll get an XP lamp.
[03:28] For completing each of the individual categories you’ll get an XP lamp and
[03:33] you’ll also get a piece of a compass as well as a new Aura.
[03:38] When you complete all the compass pieces you’ll get a huge dose of XP
[03:42] and you’ll get access to a very special pet.
[03:44] The Aura scales up for each of the categories you complete
[03:47] and gives you access to your own personal resource dungeon,
[03:50] which has increased rate of gathering, it has increased XP
[03:54] and it also has a dungeon just for you full of the lovely shiny resources that you’ll want.
[04:01] We’re back next week with Mod Mark
[04:02] to look at the updates coming to RuneScape in May.
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