Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #145 - POH Aquarium

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 145: POH Aquarium

[00:11] Grab your snorkel and flippers because this week on behind the scenes we're heading under water with some familiar faces
[00:18] as we take a look at the new aquarium update coming to player owned houses.
[00:26] Ahh hello! Cod Joe! How’re you doing?
[00:30] Hey, how’s it going Dave?
[00:31] It’s going swimmingly.
[00:32] Brilliant.
[00:33] Haven’t seen you for a while, what’ve you been up to?
[00:35] I’ve just been chilling out around this tank.
[00:36] Ahh yeah this is the new room in the player owned house.
[00:39] Remind me how did we get here?
[00:41] I believe we got here via some golden fish eggs.
[00:45] I think some players found us in the sea while fishing, just randomly, then they added us to a new aquarium, a new room.
[00:52] Requires 63 construction I believe.
[00:55] That is a very specific bit of information I am quite impressed that you managed to remember that, being a fish.
[01:00] Oh it was a moment of ‘finspiration’
[01:02] How are players going to be able to build this if they’re already at their room limit?
[01:06] Ahh I’m glad you asked because we’ve added one to the room limit now.
[01:10] So anyone can build it as long as they’ve got 63 construction and 200,000GP. Not bad at all is it?
[01:16] So I’ve been doing some laps of the old aquarium and I’ve spotted some new things.
[01:19] What have you seen?
[01:20] Seen Vorago.
[01:21] I saw that!
[01:22] Yeah, pretty weird. Saw White Wolf Mountain.
[01:25] Saw a jungle head, some kelp and some seaweed!
[01:28] You’ve got to wonder where all of these came from.
[01:30] How would people be able to add these?
[01:32] Ahh! Prawn balls. I’ve seen some players fishing, getting prawn balls while they fish.
[01:39] Opening them up to get a rare location perhaps for their tank.
[01:44] Hey Cod Alex how’re you doing? Haven’t seen you for a while.
[01:46] I’m doing good thanks, how are you doing?
[01:48] Yeaah what’ve you been up to? What have you seen?
[01:50] Well actually I was watching Mod Alex the other day he worked really hard to make all this stuff for us.
[01:54] What do you reckon your favourite bit is?
[01:57] He seemed to really enjoy making that bathysphere in the middle.
[02:00] There was a really good bit of concept art to work from. And I really like how it lets the players into our tank.
[02:05] You’ve got to love all of the fancy effects in the aquarium.
[02:08] Yeah they were really pushing the boat out with effects like caustic effects, bubbles,
[02:12] custom animations for all the fish and all the ambient movement in the environment.
[02:16] Nice.
[02:19] So yeah, was just chatting away to Sarah the lobster earlier and she said-
[02:27] I think he’s gone. We’re okay…
[02:29] Good stuff. Ooh! Hello! It’s Cod Damo. How’re you doing?
[02:33] Hey Cod Dave. See that scary shark go by?
[02:35] I’m pretty sure we noticed.
[02:37] I saw the guy who made him. Not sure why he made that guy but he made the rest of us.
[02:40] How do you think he made us?
[02:42] Saw him do it actually using something called 3D Studio Max and Photoshop.
[02:46] Some of us he was able to find pictures of… Like the Sturgeon, the trout and the salmon.
[02:51] But other ones like the Lava Eel and the Rainbow fish
[02:54] he couldn’t find any pictures so he had to ask for help on those.
[02:57] So Dave… Obviously this Aquarium is great for us but what about the players? What’s in it for them?
[03:03] Well it all comes down to the perks, you know the more you do in the aquarium the more perks you unlock.
[03:07] We’re talking about bait-less fishing, some diving suit overrides, until you get to the heady heights of a Great White Shark pet,
[03:13] a new Great White Shark to fish and no less, you get to make some sushi with that Great White Shark, for passive healing benefits.
[03:20] What about players who collect everything in their aquarium?
[03:22] Well first of it’s worth saying – if you’re a max player; you get 50 prawn balls for just starting the aquarium.
[03:27] But there’s also a plug, if you do everything in the aquarium you can pull the plug and lose all of the …fish?
[03:33] And start all over again, you’ll get a new design of plug. Can you feel something?
[03:39] Holy shrimp! This can’t be happening!
[03:43] I’m feeling drained!
[03:44] Oh the ‘humanatee’!
[03:45] Ahhh I hope our update doesn’t tank!
[03:47] AHHHHHHH
[03:49] And we’ll back with behind the scenes next week with more updates coming to RuneScape this April.