Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #144 - April Updates Coming to RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week we're here with Mod Mark as we take a look at some of the fishy updates coming to RuneScape this April.
[00:18] Stay tuned to find out how you can be in for a chance to get your hands on some awesome RuneScape swag.
[00:25] Our big update this month is rather fishy. A little too fishy perhaps.
[00:30] But what else would you expect to find in your own, customisable aquarium? One so big you can go in it yourself!
[00:38] It's a brand new addition to your in-game house, requiring 63 Construction to set up,
[00:43] and it comes with a huge amount of sofishticated things for you to play around with.
[00:49] The aquarium itself can have 14 different aquatic friends in it,
[00:53] ranging from the lowly trout to the mighty rocktail,
[00:57] with all your favourite lobsters, sharks and even lava eels fin-between.
[01:02] Whilst building it up, you'll dolphinately gain access to a bunch of great new fishing perks,
[01:08] three special new cosmetic diver suits
[01:10] and a new piece of music for you to tuna in too.
[01:14] Bad puns, I know, but if you think you cod do batter, let minnow.
[01:19] Vic the Trader is back in April, opening his shop up for anyone willing to trade in their bonus XP for some cool loot.
[01:26] He's got lots of the items you might have missed from Treasure Hunter, like skill outfits or golem parts,
[01:31] or you can simply trade your bonus XP for real XP lamps.
[01:35] We've made some changes to the exchange rates too,
[01:38] making them even more generous in places,
[01:41] and added a few new things too, like the great little mimic pet.
[01:45] Vic is only going to be here for a short amount of time, so go see him when you get the chance.
[01:51] It's fun to spend some time wasting XP and playing around with your favourite Jmods,
[01:57] but our old rotten potato wasn't really giving us all the tools we wanted to get the most out of our super Jmod powers.
[02:04] The DEVCOM team has managed to fix it up,
[02:07] making it far less rotten and much more awesome.
[02:10] In fact, we've even added a few new ways to allow you to skill and chill.
[02:15] How do you fancy lodestones that let you get straight to where the party is, straight from the world map?
[02:21] How about we place a few World Event 1 style skilling nodes around for you,
[02:25] so you can get a range of XP as you hang around asking questions?
[02:29] As you may have seen on the RuneScape TV stream a few weeks ago,
[02:32] we've been building some new event tools too.
[02:35] So this month you'll be able to join a special Jmod run version of World Event 1,
[02:40] playing faction-based safe PvP for the honour of your favourite god, fighting or gathering for victory!
[02:48] We've got a few new things to try out on in BETA too,
[02:51] not least the new death mechanics that we've been talking about
[02:54] and a new way of collecting loot.
[02:57] In other news, we have a brand new merchandise store that launched yesterday
[03:01] and there's 15% off everything for the next two weeks.
[03:04] We've got T-shirts, like this one.
[03:07] Hoodies. Several of which are designed by yours truly and other members of the RuneScape team.
[03:13] Every month on Behind the Scenes we'll be running a competition to win something from the store.
[03:18] And this month, for your chance to win a T-shirt of your choice,
[03:21] all you need to do is share this video with the hashtag #RSGIVEAWAY.
[03:27] Also, check out Solomon this month for a great new costume called the vitality suit.
[03:32] It changes colour as your health goes up and down!
[03:35] The ninjas have some pretty tasty things in the pipeline too,
[03:38] especially the movable bank tabs, which I know you've been talking about on the forums.
[03:43] Do keep those ideas coming in, either via the forums or on RuneLabs,
[03:48] because together we can make a real difference.
[03:51] Have fun! Wooters out.
[03:53] And we'll be back in the lab next week with Mod Luna to find out all of the latest RuneLabs news.