Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #141 - EoC/Legacy Mash-up + OSRS Update

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] I
[00:11] moonscapes combats how seen a flurry of
[00:13] changes over the last couple of years
[00:15] but where can you go to test out all the
[00:17] latest ideas well funny you should ask
[00:20] that betta servers are an environment
[00:23] for you guys to go and test the game
[00:25] right Weaver basically it's a cloned
[00:27] copy of the live version of the game but
[00:29] you won't get no rewards or lose your
[00:30] gear we do beta testing with new content
[00:32] in order to make sure it's as good as it
[00:34] can be and there's no rule nastier than
[00:36] ever you guys fun we're currently
[00:37] testing the legacy combat mashup on the
[00:39] data in order to enable the legs EEOC
[00:42] mashup mode you go into your game
[00:43] settings and then within their you can
[00:45] choose whether you want the RSV
[00:46] interfaces EOC Kombat legacy combat or
[00:49] legacy interfaces you can really choose
[00:50] how you want to play the game we decide
[00:53] to test the liq CEO steve mashup mode
[00:54] based on player feedback we heard it
[00:56] before that you guys didn't like it will
[00:57] make big changes to the game without
[00:59] having your guys on it first so we can
[01:01] listen to your feedback get those bug
[01:02] fix and then introduce it when it's
[01:04] right for the game currently being
[01:05] tested all inside the legacy EOC mashup
[01:08] mode we have the cap being removed from
[01:10] so spit in legacy mode we have some
[01:11] two-handed ability changes as well and
[01:13] the wealth of pvp changes and coming
[01:16] soon we can have a full-on death rework
[01:18] and a new looting mechanically guys to
[01:19] try out in order to access the beat
[01:21] service just follow the news post that
[01:23] says the legacy combat my shop click on
[01:24] that link and you'll get right there if
[01:26] players want to give feedback or report
[01:27] bugs best place to do this is dylan
[01:29] forms and those that are really good
[01:31] beta testers we have an elusive title
[01:33] called the game breaker and this is only
[01:35] being given out by jagat there's no
[01:36] criteria there's no checklist so it's
[01:38] going to the ref you and that's not all
[01:41] old school runescape has had a hell of a
[01:43] year so far with a number of huge new
[01:46] additions so we grabbed mod map k for a
[01:49] quick update the two biggest updates
[01:52] we've had recently our permanent free to
[01:53] play the ground exchange permanent free
[01:55] face just how it sounds it is free play
[01:57] which is now permanent as players will
[01:59] member from 2007 you access to a huge
[02:01] portion of the game that is exactly the
[02:03] same there's a couple of little changes
[02:05] for example you can't trade for the
[02:07] first 24 hours of in-game time less
[02:09] primarily to combat box that's doing
[02:10] really
[02:11] well the other thing we've put in game
[02:12] is a grand exchange and that's proven
[02:14] massively popular loads of players of
[02:16] trading through it because the rise the
[02:17] beginning of the grand exchange the
[02:19] prices of items are a bit all over the
[02:20] place we have to give it a few weeks to
[02:22] calm down but it'll get there and
[02:24] players will be traded with confidence
[02:25] through it in no time players been
[02:26] asking for free to play since day one of
[02:28] old school we've had to do a lot of
[02:29] research into finding if it was the
[02:31] right thing to do for old school has
[02:32] proven that it has been and so we've
[02:34] introduced it into game the players
[02:35] voted for it pass and they're reaping
[02:37] the reward in it now we've got 10 brand
[02:40] new achievement Diaries coming out that
[02:41] makes 11 in total and there could be a
[02:43] huge amount of content for players to
[02:44] get to grips with as well as achievement
[02:46] Diaries we've also got membership bombs
[02:48] coming in the middle of March membership
[02:50] bonds will allow players to use their
[02:51] in-game gold to buy membership and
[02:53] they'll only be exchangeable for
[02:54] membership if you want to watch more old
[02:56] school videos head over to a YouTube
[02:58] channel there you can see some gameplay
[02:59] videos and you can also see some more
[03:00] behind the scenes as well if you want to
[03:02] watch a stream you can head over to our
[03:04] twitch channel 9 p.m. on a wednesday you
[03:06] can see right in the stream and at five
[03:07] p.m. on a thursday you'll see all of us
[03:09] there next week we'll be back in the lab
[03:11] with model una for all the latest news
[03:13] from rune labs
[03:23] Oh