Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #140 - March Updates Coming to RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] In this week's Behind the Scenes, Mod Mark tells us what's coming to RuneScape throughout the month of March.
[00:18] Are you one of those players that looks at a boss monster in the news and thinks "That looks cool, but I'd just get owned"?
[00:24] Perhaps you're an experienced boss fighter but would love a way to try out different tactics without the threat of death?
[00:31] Well, we have the perfect solution for you. And it's called Boss Practice Mode.
[00:35] If you enter a boss's lair, you'll see an interface for setting up your boss fight.
[00:40] On this interface you'll see a practice button which will allow you to die safely,
[00:44] but not earn XP or loot from the possible kill.
[00:48] Our main update this month is our highly anticipated 200th quest,
[00:52] and with it comes a huge amount of new content for you to enjoy.
[00:56] Ever imagined what it would be like if the hero never existed?
[00:59] Bosses have won, cities have been taken over just because you weren't there to stop them.
[01:05] In an alternative version of our history, Zamouregal rules "New Varrock",
[01:10] an ominous city filled with the living corpses of all your previous allies,
[01:15] friendly shopkeepers and even the poor old Varrock guard.
[01:19] In total there are five parts to this ridiculous and comical adventure,
[01:23] each a humorous take on one of our existing Varrock quests,
[01:27] with increasingly difficult requirements to access.
[01:30] You'll also need to make some cash since you won't be able to access your bank in this new world,
[01:35] dealing in Zemomarks to earn the gear you'll need to succeed.
[01:39] It's just like being a noob again.
[01:41] There's even a special task set to complete with some new assignments in there,
[01:45] even rescuing poor old Gertrude's cat!
[01:48] The content is full of that nostalgic buzz you've told us you want,
[01:52] with familiar music, hidden rewards and celebrations of all things RuneScapey.
[01:57] The content is jam packed full of rewards for completing each part of the quest,
[02:01] and the task set and a special reward shop from Gypsy Aris.
[02:06] There's lots of other great stuff going on this month, like changes to the instancing system for bosses,
[02:11] making it easier for you to rejoin rentals after restocking,
[02:15] and, as a result from months of discussions on the forums,
[02:18] we're finally ready to release our new look skill capes, so keep an eye out for those.
[02:23] The outfit on Solomon's Store this month is something really special:
[02:27] A Dark Lord Pack featuring crazy animations and a fearsome looking costume.
[02:32] Plus, we've got new potions to give your character some unique skin tones.
[02:37] The beta servers are getting some new content to try out and give feedback on too,
[02:42] like the rework to the death system, a crazy mash up of legacy interfaces and EOC action bars,
[02:48] and a new "Drop pickup" system that allows you to grab multiple piles of loot in one easy click.
[02:54] The beta servers are there for you to try things out, so do let us know your feedback after you do.
[03:00] And don't forget Easter will be rearing its head right at the end of the month with lots of bunny and imp action.
[03:08] But more on that in an up and coming video!
[03:11] Have fun!
[03:13] Wooters out.
[03:15] And we'll be getting stuck into March's content on next week's Behind the Scenes.