Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #13 - Clan Avatars, Boosts and Buffs!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Clan Avatar
[00:06] Welcome to another RuneScape Behind the Scenes.
This week we'll be getting up close and personal
[00:10] with the soon to be released Clan Avatar. So, what is the clan avatar?
Here's Mod Cocoa to tell us what's what.
[00:17] Clan Avatars are spirits, they kind of accompany your clan on the
surface world and they give some really cool benefits.
[00:24] They kind of act like clan members in the citadels, they
can gather resources for you. They're a tool for clans to use
[00:31] and they can aid them in their events,
and in combat - it's really cool.
[00:34] The clan avatar lives in a habitat in the citadel - it's similar to a
skill plot, essentially, but it's a customisation
[00:42] instead of a skill plot, so there's three tiers to it. You've got a 'basic', a
'medium' and a 'grand', and each tier that you go up unlocks a new avatar.
[00:48] End game, when you've got a tier 7 citadel, you can have three avatars
that are customised differently; they look different and they have
[00:54] and they have different buffs that you can summon,
depending on the kind of event you want to hold.
[00:57] The buffs that players are going to enjoy... really
does depend on the kind of clan that they are.
[01:02] If you're a skilling clan, we've got a set amount of buffs that are
specifically targeted for skilling orientated players -
[01:08] like a skill XP boost. Players love their experience boosts;
you've got citadel resource boosts - so you can get 10% extra
[01:16] extra resources when the the avatar is summoned in your citadel.
[01:18] For PVM clans we've got a resurrection buff, so players can
randomly be resurrected and brought to life if they die,
[01:24] which is going to be very, very tasty for some PVM clans,
we realise - and especially warring clans.
[01:30] And warring clans - there's a really interesting buff where your
avatar will take a set amount of damage for your clan -
[01:37] anyone in the area and obviously the avatar will slowly lose health,
but you can feed it.
[01:43] It's got arms, it's got a head, it's got a body, it's got legs,
it's got a little tail thing that sticks out at the bottom.
[01:49] Each part of that body is fully customisable, so you could
have a water arm and a fire arm with a tree head.
[01:56] It looks really cool, which kind of gives an avatar a really unique
identity, because it's very unlikely that you're going
[02:04] to bump into another clan that has the exact customisations that you have.
[02:07] It will have your clan flag, with which you'll be able to identify
that it's yours, essentially.
[02:11] You can find the avatar by entering the citadel. It's
pretty hard to miss. We've made very good use
[02:16] space in the citadel that wasn't really used before. You can find
it in the where the fountain used to be in the town centre.
[02:22] We've converted that whole area into an avatar habitat that's
 got crystals and ruins where the avatars have started to appear.
[02:29] That habitat won't show unless you, obviously, build avatar
habitats for the first time, which is the basic level, but anyone
[02:37] can do that - it's only going to cost you 3000 wood -
that's one member's contribution on wood a week.
[02:41] We're making clan avatars because we want to
 see clans come out of their citadels.
[02:45] We understand at the moment that most clans hide in their
citadels and gather their resources, and get that dragon.
[02:50] But we want them to come out of their citadels, and we
want them to show other clans what they can do
[02:55] at their events, and the aim of that is if you want to benefit
from the avatar's effects, you're going to go to the avatar
[03:02] and preferably that'll be around where you've
 set up an event or you're going to kill a boss.
[03:07] Y'know, we want to see clan avatars interact
with clan members on a really unique scale.
[03:13] I come from quite a clans background before
I joined Jagex, and what I like about it
[03:18] is that it's not actually specifically targeted to a specific clan
- you've got PVM clans that can use the buffs,
[03:24] you've got skilling clans that can use the buffs; general combat
stuff - you can like, group slayer, you can take your avatar
[03:29] with you and benefit from some things.
And then it's especially exciting for the warring aspect as well.
[03:34] Clans can actually go head to head with their avatars
at their sides, and they can be really beneficial to have,
[03:40] you'd be foolish not to take your clan avatar with you, essentially.
[03:43] That's it for Behind the Scenes for this week.
Join us next week for a sneak peek
[03:47] at the latest distraction and diversion for the Hunter Skill! Grrrr!